Clinton-appointed federal judge resigns…for behaving in office like Bill Clinton

His sister, Janet Murguia, is the president and CEO of UnidosUS, formerly the National Council of La Raza.

American Thinker: President Trump and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have one more judicial vacancy to fill, if they can act in time.  A federal judge in Kansas who was appointed by Bill Clinton has tendered his resignation, effective April 1, for sexual misconduct in office and for habitual lateness — both of them characteristics of the man who appointed him.

Dan Margolies of NPR-affiliate KCUR radio in Kansas City reports:

A federal judge in Kansas City, Kansas, who was publicly reprimanded last year for workplace misconduct is resigning after more than 20 years on the bench.

U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia tendered his resignation effective April 1, 2020, in a letter to President Trump that was released by the federal court in Kansas City, Kansas, on Tuesday afternoon.  

“In recent months, it has become clear that I can no longer effectively serve the Court in this capacity,” Murguia wrote in the brief, three-paragraph letter. “I therefore tender my resignation with a heavy heart and profound apologies, out of respect for the federal judiciary, my colleagues, my community and — most importantly — my family.”

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10 Comments on Clinton-appointed federal judge resigns…for behaving in office like Bill Clinton

  1. billy bob clinton didn’t resign
    so why should this bastard resign ?

    a conscience is a terrible thing to have

    I wonder if epstein had a painting of him in a blue dress too

    epstein didn’t kill himself no matter what ruby ridge barr says

  2. Hey, girls. I mean, you know…this guy does not even look like an attractive male (if I would to ask my sisters).

    Maybe, some day, he’ll get a real job and know how it feels like working for a living or creating a company and corporation…the kind that people, like him, has been sucking off of for so many years.

  3. Let’s see if this parasite gets a job outside of government…or, gets into productive business, creating or making something, or starting a worthwhile corporation, instead of sucking off all these hard-working American people, businesses and corporations all his life.

  4. Clinton fashioned his style after JFK who he admired so much including his sexual escapades. Of course JFK wasn’t a rapist, in his case the women acted freely. Bill was a bad comparison but it might help if someone shot him in the head.


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