Clinton Dodges Gay Paper’s Question About Donations From Gay-Persecuting Countries

NewsBusters:Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ducked a question from a gay newspaper about her foundation taking millions of dollars from countries that persecute gays.

In an exclusive interview with The Washington Blade published Nov. 3, Clinton touted the Clinton Foundation’s fight against HIV and claimed, “As your president, I will continue to fight for LGBT rights here in the United States and around the globe.”

Washington Blade’s Chief Political and White House Reporter Chris Johnson asked the tough question though when it came to her foundation and certain countries that gave it money. The Clinton Foundation accepted at least $25.5 million from at least eight countries that punish homosexuality with imprisonment and execution.

“The foundation has done much good work, but do the ends justify the means?” Johnson asked. The interview question specifically mentioned the “$10-25 million” in donations from Saudi Arabia.  MORE

5 Comments on Clinton Dodges Gay Paper’s Question About Donations From Gay-Persecuting Countries

  1. Everything about Hillary is money and power. Anti-gay nations give her far more money than the LGBT community in the United States. Furthermore, the LGBT community is a reliable base – all she has to do is say “yay, LGBT” and those folks will vote for her, so there is no need to realy court these people.

    So what happens if there is a conflict between money and power? My guess is that if Hillary is elected President, any conflict in these principles will be decided in favor of money. So LGBT folks will have the right to get married – just don’t count on any protection if you travel to Saudi Arabia.

  2. Do the ends justify the means??? C’mon dude, that rhetorical. When money is involved, Hillary would sell off her grandchild.

    She’s a whore. Period.

  3. Killary hates everyone except possibly her ass-faced daughter for providing 2 election props in the form of grandchildren.

  4. Sadly Gays and Lesbos are in the bag for Gramma. Nothing can be published they will read, nothing can be said on any media source outside MSM they will not call lies. They are the ones issuing their own fates. So be it.

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