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Clinton proposes 5 million-member ‘national service reserve’ project

WT: Pledging to make public service a hallmark of her would-be administration, Democrat Hillary Clinton proposed Friday a 5 million-member “national service reserve” project that would train Americans to respond to natural disasters, health emergencies and other crises.

The program, Mrs. Clinton said, would allow citizens to continue working in their full-time jobs but essentially would put them on call if state or local governments need more bodies.

“If you join the national service reserve, you will receive some basic training, just like you would in the military reserves. And then when your city or state needs you, you’ll get the call,” Mrs. Clinton said at a rally in Florida. “Say a natural disaster strikes and the Red Cross needs all hands on deck, or maybe like the water crisis in Flint [Michigan], and clean water has to be distributed every day to a lot of families. Or maybe your city launches a major public health campaign to reduce drug abuse or promote mental health. You will then be sent into action.”

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  1. Yo, if der’s a dizaster, I’s headed to the rootin’ and lootin’, know whad I’s sayin’?

  2. Did you hear that noise? It was the sound of an AR-15 charging handle locking a round into battery.

  3. Brown shirts don’t go well with Baby Blue Helmets!

  4. They might as well do something with their time, since they’ve given up looking for a job.

  5. Hmm, a five million member liberal army at her beck and call. I guess we now know why the government has been buying several billion rounds of ammo, they have to arm them with something.

  6. Voluntary? Yeah right. Killary’s Gulags is more like it. Republicans turning out to vote wuld be deemed a disaster so her Brown Shirts would be deployed to stop it.
    Bill needs more whore? Call the Pubic Service Reserves.
    Ferguson style riots? Call the reserves in to kill the police.

    In our community we have volunteer fire fighters, auxiliary police, animal disaster response team (usually barn fires) and more. Neighbors helping neighbors. Bull shiite on federal Clinton controlled anything.

  7. OK, so I agree that service is very important and the best step to, what I like to call, “The De-Pussification of Today’s Youth”. You choose – military or “national” service for two years (yup, you are a conscript) and then you are paid a bonus when you finish. Double bonus if you use it for higher education. PROBLEM IS: it is hard to see how it will not be used as a hammer to mess with the populace if the National Socialists gain control of the Executive Branch. (Cough, cough). That is a lot of kids who have been through “basic training” and ready to DO something. They may no longer be complete pussies but now they are infantry or the “nice young man who helped us move to this camp”.

  8. I doubt liberals would join. They aren’t exactly known for volunteering their time or money.

  9. Please, please, pleeeease have a uniform.

    You’ll go down in history alright, but you’re going down sooner than you think.

  10. Have you noticed how some people at work that are ultra politically correct now fit the old Nazi and commie term “party member”?

  11. Hitlers boys started with shovels that magically transformed into
    K 98’s, MG 42’s, and Panzers.
    From little mush-heads do murderous
    blitzkriegs grow.

  12. In mussolini’s Italy it was called “Fasciti Giovane”, “young fascists”.

    Benevolent community service?

    Not bloody likely.

  13. You know what continues to dumbfound all of us? That Killary will be so non-subtle in her announcements for regime’ plans and set up. What she just said is “I will have millions of brownshirts at my beckon when I SEE FIT”. Can you honestly think that is a good thing? Even Clintonistas like Chrissy Matthews may have to toss up that piece of gristle. As her Thighness becomes more mentally demented, even to having used a teleprompter last Monday night in the debate with Trump, and to believe that an electorate would voluntarily hand over freedoms to a tyrant like King George III or Hillary ever again is just plain NUTS. Remove them from power, yes…hand over and surrender, never. 5 million brown shirts versus the US Military with 80 million armed and angry citizens…? ??

  14. Tarp / Mao Suits for the enjoyment of the masses as they serve. Don’t forget the shiny ‘pledge’ pin. Keep it clean, or else.

    Once a commie, always a commie.

  15. Great idea! They can wear red shirts and read from a booklet called ” thoughts of chairwoman Shill”.
    They will roam at large through non democrapic states and wreak havoc on the population, overwork law enforcement, strain medical facilities, and disrupt life in general.

  16. We have police, emergency medical, and fire departments because people request them. Nobody is requesting this assault against America, nor any other dingbat ideas from a crazy communist bitch who has way too many wires crossed in her ugly bobbing and spinning head.

  17. If there is to be such a program, neutralizing its officers will be much easier for those on the inside than on the outside.

  18. This is what Americans do through their churches, civic organizations, and through the rearing of children through stable, in-tact families.

    Dear God, its like the Left is completely unfamiliar with Western Civilization.

  19. Walpurgis , You should have seen my most-lefty friend’s face when I went down the list of what the Nazis were and what the lefties are today.

    The only difference is the nationalism aspect.

    He started it all by saying the Nazis were right wing and I asked him how they were. He had only “You know, they’re right wing!”

    First I told him what Nazi was short for. “National Socialist German Worker’s Party” You think socialism is right wing? That’s not right wing, that’s YOUR party.

    Then I mentioned the “Hate the rich! They are the cause of all our woes!” The hating and demonizing of Jews back then, That’s not the right wing – that’s you guys! Occupy Wall street was going on at the time.

    Then I mentioned the gun control imposed and what happened afterward. ‘Today’s Right wing? No. That would be you guys wanting to disarm the people and only have guns in the hands of the Gov.’

    There were a few more I delineated in detail regarding paying mothers to not have a man in the house, taking God out of the schools, etc, and ending each one with ‘That’s YOU guys’ before he started saying: alright alright alright alright alright His face had a stunned look on it.

    He could not say anything back because he doesn’t know shit about history except for what he makes up in his head.

    They are so fucking brainwashed it is not funny at all.

  20. “Brown shirts don’t go well with Baby Blue Helmets!” – Doc

    Adding random red polka dots makes it all come together, though.

  21. So THIS is why she didn’t have the Clinton Global Initiative/foundation/money-laundry outfit donate any $$ or supplies to Louisiana after Trump did; she thought it was a job for a bunch of Fed volunteer Brownshirts instead.

  22. 5 million …. ?
    Obama already has that and more with the Union Thugs, Community Organizers, BLM, anarchists, DNC and the communist party all of which have been funded through non-competitive contracts, grants, government mandates and Soros $Million dollar donations.

    Comrades, we can all be making $15 dollars an hour or in a gulag soon.

  23. Brown shirts or flying monkeys…..same thing.

  24. @Dadof4:


    Brown shirts don’t go well with Baby Blue Helmets!

    Adding random red polka dots makes it all come together, though.

    Yes, it does, even if the colors bleed and run together. O-:

  25. “Obama’s calls for a private standing army was made at a 2008 appearance in Colorado Springs.

    “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set,” Obama said at the time. “We’ve got have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

  26. Marleena.

    No I can’t. But I can say targets.

  27. Knock, knock. “Who is it?” “We’re the National Service Reserve and we’re here to confiscate your guns.” Bang, bang, bang, bang. “Honey, get the shovel and meet me in the back yard!”

  28. Let us offer a translation for the newer generations:


    This will be for all 18 yr olds and up, regardless of gender. VOTE TRUMP 2016.

  29. Mystery solved! Now we know what all that ammo is for.

  30. Knock, knock. “Who is it?” “We’re the National Service Reserve and we’re here to confiscate your guns.” Bang, bang, bang, bang. “Honey, get the shovel and meet me in the back yard!”

    “We’re running out of room, sweetie. How about our own version of ‘Burning Man’ this weekend?”

  31. Dipshit has never heard of the National Guard?

  32. Weren’t we supposed to have Der Kommissar Obamassar Youth, too?

    Not that I’m missing them… OR complaining… 😉

  33. All the better to confiscate your guns dearie.

    What the heck is wrong with the totalitarian left?

  34. “What the heck is wrong with the totalitarian left?”

    Lemme think a moment… They’re totalitarian and they are leftists?

    What’d I win? A free camping trip? Yay! Although, I can’t find this “FEMA” camp ground on my mapquest. Must be new.

  35. So, nobody is showing up these days when there’s a natural disaster?
    Regular people help wherever they can, leftists loot every CVS, WalMart, etc.

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