Clinton Says Mother of Benghazi Victim is Wrong to Call Her a Liar

hillary c univision debate

“Secretary Clinton, did you lie to them?” Ramos asked.

When Ramos starts to ask a question about Benghazi, the audience boos him.

24 Comments on Clinton Says Mother of Benghazi Victim is Wrong to Call Her a Liar

  1. I imagine that every night in between smelling her Huma-infused fingers, Hillary Clinton reads the hand written letter that she got from William Shakespeare which thanks her for being the inspiration for Lady McBeth and apologizes for not being able to capture the depth of her depravity.

    There are no words. Damn, I bet even Satan would kick her out of hell.

  2. Satan did kick her out and we got stuck with her and Bill and satan threw in Michele and Barrack for bad measure.

  3. And that is why, if I have to, I will vote for Trump. I don’t want to but by God the idea of Hillary as POTUS…

  4. ALL socialists lie … ALL the time.

    She calls herself a “progressive” … that’s a lie.
    She says she didn’t lie … that’s a lie.
    She says she’s qualified to be Preznit … until Obola, that was a lie.

  5. That is the first and probably last time I didn’t despise Ramos. Even though it was a pure set up, so that despicable
    bitch could once again lie.

    She is beyond any term of disrespect I can think of, or maybe it is that there are too many ways to express my scorn, I burn out.

    I would love to see her tarred, and feathered, and pilloried for the public, she has hurt, to be able to throw rotten tomatoes at the smug, haughty, lying face. The line would go around the world. Probably several times.

  6. A little off topic but MJA mentioned the audience booed Ramos. Why not have these debates in a small empty auditorium? Just candidates and questioners. There would be no reaction, good or bad, for the TV/radio audience to hear and the questioner to worry about? this would be for both parties.

  7. Killary is waiting for the day that she and her ilk can send people like Mrs. Smith to the Gulag for daring to confront them. I can feel that day coming unless we get our heads out of our asses and vote in Americans to office.
    Go Cruz/Trump————Trump/Cruz

  8. She admitted in from of CONgress that she knew it was a terror attack just after it happened. She said that she told that to Chelsea the same night and to the President of Egypt the next morning. I guess that was before the 0bama “YouTube” Fix was in.

    Otherwise, Nutty Joe could not go on spouting, “GM is alive! Bin Laden is dead! And al Qaeda is on the run!”

  9. Notice that the well trained lawyer, Rodham, said that the mother was wrong to call her a liar. Not that the mother was lying, in calling Rodham a liar, just that she was “wrong” in calling her a liar. Lying hippie, commie, power hungry scum.

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