Clinton Sent US Operations Info To Podesta’s Hacked Email

DailyCaller: Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s sending of U.S. intelligence information to her campaign chair’s unsecured email address is “unquestionably” an operations security violation, according to an intelligence expert.

“It’s unquestionably an OPSEC violation,” Dr. John Schindler, a former NSA analyst and national security expert, told The Daily Caller News Foundation, regarding an email Clinton sent to Podesta that included U.S. intelligence sources.

OPSEC stands for operations security — meaning the keeping of critical military intelligence out of enemy hands.

The email was published online by WikiLeaks from Clinton aide John Podesta’s hacked Gmail account.

U.S. intelligence officials suspect Russia was behind the hack, and a private cyber security firm recently linked the hackers were linked Russian intelligence.

Schindler said specific information in the hacked email regarding a confidential “source in Tripoli” was “not something anybody should be putting in unclassified email.”

Clinton sent Podesta an email in August 2014 giving her assessment of what needs to be done in the Middle East. Clinton said her sources were based on “Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources” in the Middle East, and specifically referred to a source in Libya.  MORE

8 Comments on Clinton Sent US Operations Info To Podesta’s Hacked Email

  1. Yawn…my blood pressure can’t take another spike. As Comey once said (or wanted to say), “she’s too big to jail”.

  2. Geraldo and Rolling Stone gave away troop location but nobody blinked over that either.
    BTW, why is Rolling Stone even a magazine?

  3. Russians, smussians. I say the NSA is leaking these documents. There has to be at least a couple of patriots left in government service.

  4. But, but weren’t we told that crooked Hillary was the smartest woman in the world, next to the community organizer in chiefs, oObama.

  5. But Hilary’s server, they never got into that, oh no.
    Arrest Podesta and give him the option, gun on the table or start singing to the tape recorder.

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