Clintonize a Movie Contest Results

Wow!  364 entries!  So many good ones too!

I decided to reward a hat for every hundred entries. – Karl Ushanka


Runners Up:

Lazlo – Cankles Away!

Eugenia Certified Deplorable – No Country for Old Hags

Dr. Tar – I Know What You Did With That Server Last Summer

BFH – 50 Shady Graves

sistyugler1 – Dude, Where’s My Cigar?


willysgoatgruff – The Magnificent Seizure…
Redgrandma – ShawCankles Detention
ironyCurtain – The Maltese Fainter
Uncle Al – A Bitch Too Far Left

email with your mailing address if you want to claim your hat. (We know some would prefer to retain their anonymity. If that is the case, email anyway and let us know.)


Original contest HERE

As always, if you want a hat GO HERE



And, above all, get out the vote and make Tuesday the 8th Hillary’s Final Chapter.

It may be wearing a hockey mask, but those prism glasses give her away.


16 Comments on Clintonize a Movie Contest Results

  1. It’s gonna take a while to get this contest out of my head.
    Every movie I saw on Netflix, I was Clintonizing……arrrrrg.

  2. Well, yeah, they all funny an shit … but jus cuz I din’t enter the context and din’t have no funny shit – LIKE RITE ON THE TIP A MY KEYBOARD – doesn’t mena tthat I shuouldn’ta gotta hat, two!

  3. Oh, oh! *sob* I’m so honored! I want to thank my mother and my father, and all the little people who made this possible! *gag*

    Just kidding, except for the “honored” part. That’s true. Thank you!

    BFH already has my name and address from super double-sekrit communications in the past. I look forward to wearing my fur hat the one or two days a year it gets cold enough here in Sarasota county, and to doctors’ waiting rooms which have their thermostats set at a constant TUNDRA temp. (-:

  4. Woo hoo and three cheers for the winners! The is indeed glorious.
    The entries were all good and reading was a continual laugh.
    BFH that picture is superb. I may have nightmares about creepy blood-soaked Killery lurking in the closet or under the bed.

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