Clinton’s Chances Of Flipping A Red State Have All But Vanished


What’s the biggest sign that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 candidacy is in danger?  It’s not the narrowness of the race in traditional battleground states like Ohio and Florida where the contests are usually decided by just a point or two.  Nor is it possibility that Trump might carry Pennsylvania, a state where Mitt Romney failed to campaign and still only lost by just five points.

No, the real sign of trouble for Clinton is her utter failure to “redraw the electoral map” in diehard Red states like Georgia, Utah, Arizona and Texas.  Her campaign has bragged for months about the prospects of an electoral landslide, supposedly due to her ability to win over Republican voters and independents in states that have voted reliably GOP for years – five decades in the case of Utah, and four in the case of Georgia.

But those prospects have disappeared faster than the former First Lady’s 33,000 emails.


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  1. I’m having a very bad case of deju vu. I remember the confidence I had that Romney was going to do it. Maybe being in the massive crowd he turned out at Red Rocks fueled a bit of that-as it turned out it was about his biggest crowd.

    I remember watching all of the early eastern states going for Obama but man, Ohio was going to start the electoral count going Romney’s way. Ohio got called fast and my heart sank.

    I’ve been playing with an interactive electoral map and trying to be reasonable. I have either of them winning if they win PA.

    Try it-the link will show you my choices-all that are left undecided are NH-with 4 it doesn’t matter who wins it-and PA.

    If Trump takes NV and NH then PA doesn’t matter but NV looks sketchy.

  2. Remember how the tea party delivered the congress in 2010, expecting them to do something to save us from AHC? They didn’t. Then the tea party delivered the senate in 2012, expecting them to definitely save us from AHC. Remember how Boehner betrayed us all? Then we got Ryan and remember how he betrayed us in the same way?

    If anyone is still wondering what happened to the headless, unorganized tea party…well, we found us a leader.

    (And remember, too, that both the House and the Senate were historically Yuge! wins.)

  3. In 2014, they kept telling us that Georgia’s governor Nathan Deal was in big trouble from Jimmah Carter’s grandson Jason, who had gotten the infamous “47%” recording of Romney. We were told they were neck and neck all Summer and into the Fall.When the dust settled on election day, Deal had hammered lil’ Jason by 8 points. Yes, it was a big midterm election, but the numbers are pretty indicative of Georgia’s political climate today. And if you go to the RCP link…

    …you see the same poll flim-flam in action again today, mostly from dead tree polls and polls taken by Erick Erickson’s lifeboat station, WSB 750. Trump will win Georgia by at least 5 points. Hillary’s campaign bus took a shit on Georgia because they knew this fact when they came here pretending that they had a chance.

  4. MM, do your mind and heart tell you that Trump is the same as Romney (insofar as the American voter is concerned)?

    I would suggest to you to compare their MOTIVATION, CONVICTION and PRINCIPLES, especially in terms of how each candidate reached out and “spoke to” (i.e. persuaded) American voters.

    I’d say it’s almost like night and day.


    Here’s Scott “Dilbert” Adams’ latest
    (NOT related to the above comment)

  5. Look at this video and then imagine all the people who couldn’t make it to D.C. then. Then look at all of Trump’s rally speeches. The ones who couldn’t travel to D.C. never gave up their hope, never stopped praying for relief from those cretins in our W.H. Their cold anger and grim resolve will find its ultimate expression in only a few short hours from now.

  6. All of these comments are heartening but playing the Devil’s Advocate more then anything, I distinctly remember many of the same things being thrown about in the last week last time. Especially the polls which everyone, including me, thought were wrong. Turns out they were right on the money.

    Yes the anger and enthusiasm is off the scales now. But the electoral college, which I believe should be shit canned, gives the Ds a big running head start over us.

    If PA & NH go D, I say it’s over.

    just sayin’

  7. MM — I think you’re experiencing something that is perfectly understandable — you don’t trust your own senses because you’ve been lied to repeatedly by this gov’t and the people who want to retain the status quo. I refuse to give in to it. If someone plucks at my sleeve and says “Wow, look at this (negative thing) about the polls (or whatever)” my response is “Sorry, no time for it.” I’ve spent almost as much time dragging people out of their funk as I’ve spent on the phones asking for their votes for The Donald. Please remember this: The contest is first won in the head — if they get us to ‘think’ we’re loosing, getting our hearts discouraged takes no effort at all. The second guessing phase was officially over the last night of the convention and now it’s flat-out “We’re gonna win this!” I know the Seahawks coach doesn’t spend any time in the huddle asking his players if they think they’re going to win the game.

  8. MM don’t despair Trump is in 5 states today.
    He has a good chance to flip Minn. WI. MI.
    You have been a Trump supporter from the beginning do not lose faith in him, or all of us, we are the ones he is fighting for and likewise we are fighting for him.
    We are the monster vote.
    Mitt never connected with the people like Trump has that is a big difference between the two.
    Wa and Oregon are very likely in play, keep calm and carry on.
    Vote Trump.

  9. This is a big secret! Mitt was born in Mexico, where his parents had gone and renounced their citizenship.
    Had he been elected, another Constitutional Crises.

  10. Yes we ARE the Monster Vote.

    Romney was a weak, milk-toast candidate lacking any principle beyond just ‘slightly less bad than Obama”.
    Trump is something entirely different.
    Trump is Tea Party on steroids.
    Wearing Tony Stark’s latest Iron Man armor.

    Trump is way, way ahead of where Romney was in 2012.
    In Florida alone, the Dems have 120,000 FEWER early votes cast than in 2012.

    Trump is mobilizing disgruntled Independents in ways no one has done before.

    Be of good cheer. Vote early Tuesday.
    Bring family and neighbors and friends.

    Be aware, as Lame Cherry’s blog has been posting, MANY/MOST Western states are closing their polls at 7:00 pm local. Earlier than usual. Don’t assume polls are open until 8:00 or 9:00 based on past practice. Check your local poll hours.

    Plan to vote early not just to avoid lines, but to avoid ‘breakdowns’ , “mysterious power outages”, and other possible shenanigans in the polls.

    Trump 2016.

  11. A little lie here, a bigger lie there, a little fraud here, s’more fraud there … (we took the hole inchelada with just some tweeks to CO, OH, PA, and FL last time) … and walla! we got this in the bag!

    She be’s good for ‘Merica … good for the woild … and good for the Global Commune … uhh Community …

  12. The State Run news Media is telling you how the election will turn out. It’s more rigged than anybody knows. Obama is encouraging Illegal Aliens to vote. Voter fraud is rampant. Drip Drip Drip. We are going to need a huge turn out.
    Michigan should be a rip roaring event tonight. They may kick the revolution off right there.

  13. @Extirpates: You’re thinking of George Romney, who was born in a Mormon colony in Mexico in 1907. Mitt was born in Michigan, which clearly made him a natural born citizen of the U.S.

    P.S. – Actually the fact that both of George Romney’s parents were U.S. citizens (who never renounced their citizenship) also established him as a “natural born citizen”, regardless of the fact that he was born in Mexico.

  14. Living here in lala land (los angeles), the numerous Hillary teev ads and the lack of Hillary yard signs and bumper stickers is astounding.

  15. I rarely see a Killery sign here in northwest Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. That being said, I have family members who will vote for her. I can not convince them otherwise. It makes me sick that they would vote for a criminal because they don’t like Trumps style.


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