Clinton’s love of vodka


[…] Mrs. Clinton waxed at great length. “I was so devastated and it was incredibly painful,” she said. “It took weeks of just getting up every day, cleaning closets, going for walks in the woods.” Like Mrs. Clinton cleans closets. Please. She hasn’t made herself a cup of coffee since she was in Arkansas.

But now, Mrs. Clinton said she needed to let the world know “what I believed happened,” noting that “I do, kind of, believe in facts.” The crowd whooped, completely unaware of the spectacular irony in the statement.

She said that sometimes, while penning the book, “I’d write about something and I’d have to go lie down.” So hard. There were “big forces” against her, she said, and she was here to lay them out, “some important issues we need to come to grips with.”


Mrs. Clinton said she “didn’t hold back at all on what I saw as my own shortcomings and my deep disappointment — not just for me, obviously, but for the country.” (OMG, the ego. The United States of America was consumed by “deep disappointment” at her loss — except for the 63 million people who voted for Mr. Trump, that is).

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31 Comments on Clinton’s love of vodka

  1. Cry me a river.
    “Poor, poor, pitiful me.”
    “You won’t have Nixon (HRC) to kick around, any more!”

    Fall on your sword, bitch.
    Still lying, still conniving, still thieving …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. As much as I long to see her collapse and die during a coughing fit on live television, it might be better to keep dinosaurs like her around: she’s polarizing even among Lefties. Keep her talking, let more find out about who she really is. Watch the Left continue to consume itself.

  3. what bs !
    clinton despondent over the loss ?
    I doubt it !
    how could she be so despondent when she clearly thinks it was everyone else’s fault she lost.
    despondent, no
    angry and resentful, yes.
    the lack of thought continuity is staggering.
    almost as bad as obama’s.

  4. Funny she uses herself as an excuse to drink. I put her picture on the bottom inside of a cup to prevent drinking the entire cocktail.

  5. I am sure her closets needed cleaning. Have to get those old skeletons out to make room for mew ones every few years.

  6. You guys are wrong about Hillary. She cleans. She cleans like crazy! Look how she cleaned up after the Haiti earthquake! Look how her foundation cleaned up with governments far and wide while she was Secretary of State. Look how she swept the truth under the carpet regarding Benghazi. Hillary knows how to clean, that is for sure.

  7. Her ongoing and very public weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth only serves to keep the focus away from her massive criminal deeds!

  8. I don’t know of anyone who was going to vote for her and changed their minds because of what they saw on social media or any media at all.
    The truth is the Democrats thought they were going to win, no matter what, so, many didn’t even bother to go out to vote. Contrary to Republicans, Conservatives and those who were tired of the Obama’s bs, who went out of their way to vote and make their vote count.
    It’s not just about Hillary. It’s their whole party and ideology that lost. She’s too egotistical to see that and Obama is too narcissistic to acknowledge it.

  9. Cleaning closets. Right. Felonia Von Pansuit probably never even goes into a closet. She has little people to dress her, I’m sure. Little people with bad taste.

  10. Vodka?! I call bullshit on that. This batshit crazy fucktard is guzzling gallons of Absinthe, the shit made from wormwood that causes hallucinations.

    (it’s actually not bad mixed with lemonade)

  11. Man up, Hillary. Your wallowing in self-pity and hiding from reality is one big reason we wouldn’t vote for you. Ever.


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