Clintons Spotted on a Commercial Flight – What would you say as you walked by?

Is that kid wearing a MAGA hat?

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61 Comments on Clintons Spotted on a Commercial Flight – What would you say as you walked by?

  1. I’d comment that I guessed that Epstein’s plane to Orgy Island must not have been available if they were flying commercial.

  2. I would fart in their general direction. Especially if I had the opportunity to pass them on the way to the water closet.

  3. Is that really them? Hillary doesn’t have enough contraptions stuck on her back and shoulders. And what is with that mullet!? lol

  4. If I’m walking past them it means that they’re either in first class or I’m back in coach near the shitter. Either way:
    “If this plane goes down I can die in peace knowing that YOU went to hell before me.”

  5. Hey Bill, your son is sitting back in economy class he wants to know if he can come and say hi.

  6. “I hope our plane crashes, and everyone survives except you two felons. ”

    Why ruin a perfectly good plane, when all it takes is one broken window? And you just know both of them are too arrogant to wear seat belts.

  7. I’d get a couple of people and then we’d go up to Hillary and we’d all ask her a question at the same time … just to make her do that bobble-head thing she does

  8. “Is this the Lolita Express Flight?”

    “Hey Hillary, Is that a hydration bag full of vodka on your back”?

  9. A feeble attempt to escape or trying to get to that not so secret bank account before Trump puts a freeze on it?

  10. It would be hilarious if Trump has made it so that the government no longer pays for Secret Service agents’ charter flight costs. At some point, even Barky and Mooch are going to have to slum it in commercial flights.

  11. Who’s the unlucky TSA guard that drew the short straw for your searches?

    Did your metal chassis frame set off the detector?

    Just die already bitch.

  12. Too much I want to say. If I got started they would take me off the plane in handcuffs.

    But 20 minutes into the flight I think the cost benefit analysis would kick and and I would launch into it. I think I’d start off with “Bubba, what exactly is your definition of “is”?

  13. hey bill and hillary how come your flying commercial and not private ? did you run out of other peoples money already ?

  14. Hillary. How are those coke bottle blue-blocker sunglasses working for you INSIDE the plane?

  15. As a well mannered and classy guy l’d say nothing, but since the world doesn’t work that way anymore, and she helped fuel the “resistance” I would stand in front of her and Bill and scream murderers at the top of my lungs until I had to be restrained and the plane prematurely landed and I had to be escorted off.

  16. This would call for the Perfect Cheer.
    Trump Trump Trump Trump…USA…USA..
    Every body Now……

  17. I wonder if she was allowed to carry on her bottle of hot sauce?
    She never leaves home without it. Lying sack of merde.

  18. Thanks for Making America Gag Again and handing victory to Trump!

    Oh, and BTW, how is your son doing, President Cigar?

    Yours in Patriotism,

    Barack Obama’s Dead Fly

  19. I wouldn’t say anything. I’d just stop next to them, aim my ass and rip the nastiest fart I could !


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