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Clockboy wants to come home

clockmed and obama

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Homesick in Qatar, Wants to Come Back to Texas

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  1. Sorry, you’re 15 minutes of fame are up. Whatsa matta, your smart guy pranks not going over well in sharialand?

  2. Err, you are home Clockmed. With your expertise in “clocks, you should be a coveted member of ISIS. Have fun dweeb.

  3. Well, duh! Here you get treated like royalty by el presidente, there you’re just another dime-a-dozen terrorist wannabe.

  4. He should be able to come back after assembling a hoax bomb like he did in Texas. Let’s see the Qatar school system make good on $15 million and allow him to leave the country.

  5. Even clock boy is not stupid enough to realize that as much as he might dislike (more than likely his dad) America is still far better than the shithole of Qatar. I can’t say welcome back but I hope the little twerp learns a lesson from this and just shuts the hell up when he comes back. And Qatar can keep his dad and uncles if they dislike America so much, we don’t want them or need them in America.

  6. he found out he’s being groomed to be a martyr and/or he ain’t liking the nekked dancing boy gig .. anymore

  7. Sometime a lesson learned painfully is a lesson remembered the longest.
    Smatter Clockmed, don’t like seeing your sister and mom treated like cattle?
    Grin and bear it Mr. Burns.

  8. If you want to come back, you have to sign a legal document giving up your $15 million dollar lawsuit. No sign, no entry. Enjoy your stay in Shithole-a-stan, Qatar.

  9. Well, Barry, you ain’t gonna stretch it out too much, so send him up here when you’re done with him! All the guys on the Cell Block are still donating money to ya!

  10. If this little muslim shit has lost his islamothusiasm this quickly, imagine how his sister feels. Rot in allah hell, my sharia moors.

  11. Good. I’m glad he’s homesick. I hope we never let him back in. Not even as a tourist. Wouldn’t trust the bastard anyway. He’s obviously not trustworthy.

  12. He must have gotten his funding for the building of future bombs…er clocks from the government of Qatar.

  13. Fuck him.
    I’m in Indiana, but I’m pretty sure our good Texas cousins don’t want this little piece of shit back in their state anymore than I would want him in mine.

  14. And sign to release the information police are required to hold due to being underage. Let’s see your school records. Oh wait, maybe you’re bucking for president some day…

  15. Not so fast, folks. Barry could just issue a special Visa to allow Clock Boy and clan back in the country. Upon his return, Barry could guarantee his U.S. citizenship status can never be revoked.
    Obama is pure evil – wouldn’t put anything past him.
    It will take a miracle to keep Clock Boy out of the U.S.

  16. Yep 99th. Barry will wind up letting him back in under the radar, most likely.

    I hope Clockmed does have to stay there for the rest of his life. Who’d have thought the poor, persecuted little muzzie snowflake would find out that America is waaaaay better than a third world hellhole?

    The sand wasn’t as green on the other side of the fence! HAHA!

  17. Hahahaha! I was waiting for this. Clock boy thought living in an open, free society (not) in Qatar would be so much better than in the islamophobe state of Texas. This is too good. Unfortunately Obama might pay for the trip back to the U.S. with taxpayer money.

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