“Clown Island” National Health Service Offers Gender Transition To 3 Year Olds

Ugh! Britannia!

BigLeaguePolitics: A division of the UK’s National Health Service is now offering gender transition services to children as young as three and four years old.

The Gender Identity Development Service is treating young children with supposed gender dysphoria over the internet, offering them therapy, diagnosis, and even hormone-altering medication.

It goes without saying diagnosing a five year child as supposedly transgender is ludicrous on its face. The NHS’ decision to embrace such practices is likely to lead to lasting psychological issues for thousands of children. more here

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  1. The key word is supposed. No 3 year old is supposedly transgendered, that’s just a bunch of bullshit to confuse libtards and make them think that a 3 yr. old even knows what a tranny is. My 3 old granddaughter cares more about Mickey and Minnie Mouse than she does practically anything else.

  2. Put those same “doctors” in Mr. Peabody’s ‘Wayback machine’ to Poland circa 1944 and they’d all be hung by the neck until dead for crimes against humanity.

  3. The medical director of NHS’s GIDS¹ is Dr. Dinesh Sinha. I suggest that in order to build confidence in the practice of gender reassignment, he should volunteer to undergo the full treatment, including the surgery. Show us how well it works, Doc!

    1. I was struck – again – by the article’s lack of the names of the guilty parties people in these evil organizations. So I did a little searching, including the Gender Identity Development Service‘s web site. The “about us” and “in the news” and other likely places to find out who these people are were no help: these people refuse to identify themselves, the cowards.

    Sinha’s name appeared in a few news reports from Feb. 2019 about a report highly critical of the GIDS and their enthusiasm for (my term) gross child molestation and abuse. The report resulted in the resignation of one of the medical directors. The Guardian gives some of the story.

  4. This is sick!
    It’s very easy these days to raise kids to be kids. I’m in favor of school uniforms that are the same for girls and boys. Jackie pants and collected shirts. All kids need basic education. Language STEM, ETC. JUST LET KIDS BE KIDS. Sudies indicate most young people sort their gender issues at puberty. After that the the child decide. I have specific knowledge of a friend in school. Her doctor and parents forced her to embrace the wrong gender. She has a very unhappy life. Leave kids alone. Kids are a lot more intelligent than adults give them credit for.

  5. I hate spell check, kaki pants and golf like shirts, and sneakers. Matching uniforms. Children as they grow should make their own decisions as to their interests.

  6. Transgenderism is clearly defined as being completely based in sexual preference.

    It is an admitted kink by those who are transgender.

    Why would a 3 year old child need to drastically alter and damage their bodies for sexual pleasure?

    This kid isn’t going to be thinking about sex for at least a decade.

    A 3 year old with gender dysphoria is 100 percent the victim of child abuse and any schools + parents who are responsible for it need to be charged.

  7. Quoting Jesus from The KJV Bible:
    “Luke 17:2 – It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.”
    I don’t think He was kidding. Do You? Don’t just read
    about it and shake your heads. Act against evil.


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