Clown: NYT’s Krugman Apologizes for Peddling Conspiracy That Trump Corrupted the BLS Amid Solid Jobs Report

Townhall- The Dow Jones skyrocketed today. It’s up almost 1,000 points, with the index breaking 27,000. Why? Well, we have a solid jobs report. Over two million jobs were created last month, a sign that we may be on the path to economic recovery. It’s great news for the president and for the country. For Democrats, this is terrible news. They were hoping to keep voters destitute and under economic stress long enough for crusty and dementia-ridden Joe Biden to come out of the bunker and be portrayed as the savior of the country. Now, they all look like idiots. 

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  1. “ Now, they all look like idiots.“. They ALWAYS look like idiots. They are just more transparent.

  2. Lets remember friends,

    There are many people that are still out of work. (ARTIFICIALLY) Many jobs can be done remotely via computer from home and there are many essential services that have been busier than normal. (grocery, couriers, etc)

    Eventually, the world will have to let the people who do physical non-remote work get back to earning a living. Auto manufacturing, full scale construction, medical procedures, dentistry, grooming, tailoring, all come to mind. Generally, the classic middle class work.

    I would bet that these workers will be very angry at the disrespect and disparity that they have suffered by being prevented from earning and experiencing a severe economic reset.

    Lets hope the have woken up and do not fall for some bullshit $$$$ promises that Pelosi & the Democrats offer.

    Turdeau has been very successful at buying votes up here with peoples own money. The democrats will offer the same!

  3. Mr. “Mostly Wrong” Krugman should look to another source for his confoundment.
    Irrational from hatred, filled with vitriol and constantly bearing false witness, the Left always finds itself beaten
    flat on its back and sore when attacking this President.
    The more I have seen of his actions; from the unlikely win of the election, to the stumbling, clownish and often evil line of haters who oppose his Administration and lose, the more I believe I am seeing God moving his protective hand over America.

  4. The really sad part is that most of the Left is wearing Idiot Goggles and just refuses to see it!!

    … and the Bought & Paid For Media knows it!

  5. So President Trump corrupted the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the seditious gay Kenyan commie’s watch? Really. The Obama corrupted Bureau of Labor Statistics was so flagrantly dishonest wise people ignored them and started using Automatic Data Processing (ADP) statistics instead.


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