CLOWN SHOW: Adam Schiff Begins FAKE CRYING At January 6th Hearing [VIDEO]

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During the January 6th hearing on Tuesday, radical left Democratic Representative Adam Schiff started fake crying during his remarks. Schiff is one of the most extreme members of his party and will literally do anything to grandstand including crying on national TV.

The comments from Schiff came after Officer Harry Dunn gave his remarks at the hearing.

“Well officer thank you, I believe in this country and I believe in it because of people like you,” Schiff said as his voice began to get shaky. “Who understand what the flag means and what our constitution means and risk their lives to defend it. I’d like to think, as Amanda Gorman so eloquently said, that we’re not broker we’re just unfinished. Because if we’re no longer committed to a peaceful transfer of power after our elections, if our side doesn’t win, then God help us.”

Schiff then proved himself to be one of the biggest hypocrites on the planet when he had the audacity to say if “we deem elections illegitimate” for the reason they “didn’t go our way” than “God help us.”

The comments were extremely ironic considering Schiff was the leader of the Russian collusion hoax which was launched in 2017 merely because the election didn’t go the Democrats’ way. more

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19 Comments on CLOWN SHOW: Adam Schiff Begins FAKE CRYING At January 6th Hearing [VIDEO]

  1. I can’t wait for the guy who plays Shifty on Greg Gutfelds show to do a bit on this. It will be hilarious.

  2. And the prick cop who cried and claimed he thought he might die that day.
    Isn’t that part of the job of “police” ever day?

  3. I heard that douchebag Adam Kinzinger was sniveling, too. And some Kommie Kapitol Kop.

    Man up, you pucking fussies. And if you can’t turn off the waterworks, could you at least shed a tear for Ashli Babbitt?

  4. These are the “leaders” of this country?? Fuck me. Him amd about a 100+ others need to be swinging from lamp posts. Just how in the fook this hasn’t started is a mystery.

  5. Until he shits is pants on national television ala Jerry Nadler he’s just another crybaby Democrat. The big time awaits buddy, let’s see what ya got.

  6. ^^^ Not my first thought, I can’t string together enough profanity.
    Fakers be faking and liars be lying.

  7. There has been some speculation that Schiff for brains is actually a body double, and not the real asshole.

  8. There’s gotta be some serious house cleaning done in our entire govt. All three branches are just three heads of the same snake! That includes all of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies!

  9. @MMinWA: How about we start with 200+ instead of 100+? There are PLENTY of good candidates for lamppost weights. “Go big or go home”, as some say.

  10. Adam (THE LIAR) Schiff fancies himself a screenwriter and actor.. We all had a nationwide sample of his acting inabilities.. He should be in jail for what he tried to do to Trump with Pelousie’s knowledge.. He also should have been indicted for the 3 young Black men who died at his buddy Ed Buck’s drug House.. When the third young Black male died of a drug overdose the cops finally arrested Buck for murder.. Adam visited the drug House of Buck often.. I think that qualifies him as ac–dc..

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