Clump of cells somehow turns into a human

9.45 ounces at birth —>

7 pounds–>


The smallest ever baby was a girl born in Germany in 2015 who weighed just 252 grams. Girls are more likely to survive prematurity than boys although doctors are still unsure why this is – it may be down to having more mature lungs.

Imagine that?
And here I thought it was a “clump of cells.”
Sounds like it might be murder to take a fork to this parasite’s skull.


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  1. Our 2nd daughter was 2 pounds 6 ounces and that was small. I can’t imagine 9.45 ounces.

    Abortionist/priests of Molech are going to hell… that’s all I got.

  2. The miracles of life are lost on the nihilist.

    Strange that a nihilist can believe in transmogrification, Anthropogenic Globaloney Warming, free college, and other patent absurdities but not in the Life-affirming God who created all – whose works are all around us.

    Truly, it wobbles the mind.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. …they’ve actually improved male preemie lung development related survival rates with a surfactant that can be applied to help in Respiratory Distress Syndrome, but it needs to be applied quickly, so it needs to be a hospital that deals with preemies.

    …It’s tough to predict these things, but high-risk pregnancies would do well to not go far from hospitals with good neonate facilities, or maybe even temporarily relocate near one…its inconvenient, but a life may depend on it…

  4. Twins now thirty one years of age. She 3 pounds 2 ounces, he 2 pounds six ounces, she Special needs pediatric nurse, he eye doctor.

    Six figures cost even back then, but they’ve both saved lives in their careers. She more directly, he by finding things that had to be addressed and treated.

    Late to the this thread, but some might see it and be reminded that every life counts and touches numerous others like the room set up with thousands of dominoes.

    Supernightshade, unapproved by FDA experimental drug for the lungs that saved their lives that we had to sign a release for them to use and test on them…


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