Clyburn (D- SC) Defends Calling Coronavirus an Opportunity to ‘Restructure Government’

WFB: House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D., S.C.) on Friday defended his previous claim that coronavirus is a “tremendous opportunity” to advance Democratic policy goals.

“I find it kind of interesting that one of my colleagues said he has a problem with me because I’m a ‘restructure government’ person,” Clyburn told Roll Call. “Yes, Jim Clyburn is a restructuring government guy and everybody with any common sense, and looking at where we are today, needs to be a restructuring government person.”

Clyburn has taken a prominent role in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D., Calif.) coronavirus response. The speaker tapped the South Carolina Democrat on Thursday to lead her select oversight committee on coronavirus relief, which will monitor the billions in federal dollars spent fighting the pandemic. Top Republicans criticized the decision, pointing to Clyburn’s March comments calling the coronavirus “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” read more

18 Comments on Clyburn (D- SC) Defends Calling Coronavirus an Opportunity to ‘Restructure Government’

  1. No thanks.
    As a conservative I want us to roll back the encroachments of the government.

    -Respect my First and Second Amendment rights
    -Repel all illegal invaders
    -End judicial activism (they should only declare a law unconstitutional)
    -Pass a balanced budget, you idiots
    -Term limits
    -Disband most of the alphabet agencies
    -Put America first, always

    Get it, Clyburn?

  2. So, Mr. Clyburn is part of Nancy’s “Negro Project”, just like Margaret Sanger used willing black dupes to advance her ideas in the black community.

    Another old progressive who can’t die quickly enough.

  3. Any backdoor way to change the structure of the country against the wishes of its people.
    Essentially committing fraud against the American people.
    How else will the democrats be defined ?

  4. His name should be changed to Skid Marx! He is a giant shit stain on America. After all he knows better than the rest of us cuz he’s a democrap moron who thinks the gubmint should be in charge of everything and give the negroes a pass cuz of slavery.

  5. Nice of them to be so open about their communism, we have a way to restructure now, it’s called elections Corruptburn, but I agree with you. let’s restructure the Demonrat party in November.

  6. Unlike Obama’s deceptive “fundamental transformation” schtick , Clyburn’s “restructure government” meme needs to be vetted, questioned, analyzed, criticized… He should not be allowed to use a vague generality. He has to give specifics about what he actually proposes.

  7. ‘Ol Fish-eye is known for his incredible feats of nepotism in the nearly 30 years he’s been in office. Wonder who gets a spot at the trough this time? Between Clyburn and that fluffer Graham, SC can boast nearly half a century of incompetence when it comes to representation.

  8. Yes, restructure it BACK TO CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITS ON GOVERNMENT. Abso-fucking-lutely!!!!
    And add term limits just because of assholes like this one.

  9. Frankly – and CC just beat me to it – I see this as a huge opportunity to restructure government. And I think it has been a huge eye-opener for a lot of people as to the inefficacy of government, the ability of private enterprise to respond quickly, and the abuses of power that those in government are willing to press upon us.

  10. @CC, @Left Coast Dan — Count me in. I’d like to restructure govt the way termites restructure houses.

    And I direct Mr. Clyburn to engage in autocoitus.

  11. From the “Never let a crisis go to waste” crowd.

    This is cynical, sick, and evil thinking.


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