CNBC Host Calls Nancy Pelosi ‘Crazy Nancy’ During Interview

SaraCarter: CNBC host Jim Cramer called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “crazy Nancy,” a term President Donald Trump uses to criticize the Democrat leader.

“Between you and I think Secretary Mnuchin, what deal can we have crazy Nancy,” Cramer said before quickly apologizing.

However, Pelosi didn’t appear to take Cramer’s apology as sincere. Watch :

18 Comments on CNBC Host Calls Nancy Pelosi ‘Crazy Nancy’ During Interview

  1. Cramer is now groveling, saying he only meant to show how bad Orangeman was for calling her that. What a jerkoff.

    She ripped up the SOTU on live TV, Jim. She impeached him for nothing, Jim. She’s nucking futz. Be a man, like Trump.

  2. Thirdtwin…exactly! Never apologize. You said it, own it. Tell her to shove it up her wrinkled old turd cutter. Groveling is never a good look.

  3. Trump is a genius in marketing and picking monikers that are ever so fitting they end up being universally used even by those that hate him.

  4. He left out a lot of other words to describe her like Entitled, Childish, Petty, …

  5. Doesn’t matter if/that he “unsaid” it.

    All intelligent Americans have known it for years.
    Retire the thieving bitch already.

  6. Calling Nancy, Crazy Nancy, isn’t a criticism. It’s an accurate statement of fact, after careful unbiased analysis of the evidence.

    “Feeble minded” is probably a better, more accurate fit for Joe.

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