CNN analyst predicts ‘government’s gonna kill’ Trump

American Mirror: CNN counter terrorism analyst and former CIA agent Phil Mudd made a stunning prediction live on air that “the government’s gonna kill” the president of the United States.

“Let me give you one bottom line – as a former government official, the government’s gonna kill this guy,” Mudd said on Thursday.

“He defends Vladimir Putin, there are State Department and CIA officers coming home and at Langley and in Foggy Bottom CIA are saying, this is how you defend us?’” he asked.

Host Jake Tapper jumped in, “Obviously when you’re talking about killing you’re using that as a metaphor.”


SNIP:  Listen, I don’t know if this twerp  is admitting the state dept and the CIA are dramatic little pussies or not, but seeing that there are a lot of 0bama holdovers, I don’t doubt that a lot of these agents are disturbed, mentally. I think Phil’s ‘friends’ better tell him to shut his pie hole and quit instigating.   Because  if any ‘ government official’ so much as plucks a hair off  POTUS’ head, there will be a 2A stampede coming to DC, and they know this.

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  1. I Predict Not ! I Would Immagine Obummer’s Had some Real Pussies Around the World, Who Have Only Had to Be Nice and Appease Foreign Countries. That’s Sooooo Easy everyone Wants the Job, But they Won’t Kill Him !!!

  2. Well CNN fired Jeffery Lord for saying Sieg Heil to pencil neck libtard Angelo Carusino of Media Matters.
    Phil Mudd must be some special type of asshole. He’s not fired yet?

  3. Anonymous August 12, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    i’don’T thinK thaT woulD eveR happeN.

    Oddly, easier to read than the post you’re responding to. I usually give up on reading posts written like they are titles. It hides the sentence structure. It’s like imposed dyslexia to have to re-read it to make sure you have the context right. Seriously not worth the trouble.

    Sorry Plantsman, I like your ideas but capitalizing the first letter of every word has that effect on me. So, lately, I just skip your posts if they are longer than one sentence. Nothing personal, though. No offense intended. Just the way it is.

  4. This government employee gives us another glimpse of the magnitude of the problem we face. The agencies are hopping with idiots just like this. It’s depressing.

  5. Screw “coming to DC”. Too far to drive, and I ain’t running the Testicle Squeezing Assn gauntlet to fly. I know where the local FedGov building is downtown.

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