CNN caught with its thumb on the scale again

Patriot Retort: After CNN contributor (and DNC vice-chair) Donna Brazile got caught funneling debate questions to Hillary Clinton in 2016, you’d think CNN would know better than to openly shill for the DNC again this time around.

But, no.

CNN is already up to its old tricks.

And the target this time around is the same as the last time: Bernie.


… CNN was forced to admit that the townhall they hosted for Bernie Sanders was populated with Democrat operatives – all of whom asked Bernie some particularly difficult questions.  MORE

12 Comments on CNN caught with its thumb on the scale again

  1. This absolutely doesn’t matter to Bernie. He only has 2 answers to any questions. We have to tax the top 1 to 2 % of earners and we have to put a stop to the giant corporations that are putting it to the little guy. It doesn’t matter what the question is-ever.

  2. Bernie doesn’t care if he wins, he just wants the democrats to buy him off again. I hear he has his eye on a nice little mansion on the lake down n Florida. Another new car couldn’t hurt, maybe a convertible for down there!

  3. This begs the question, who will CNN become the mouthpiece and activist for this time? Last time was Hillary. Both cycles before was obama. Before that was john kerry, previous was algore. etc etc.

    I wouldn’t know because I never watch.

    Who’s yer huckleberry this time Ted Turner?

  4. Bernie to wake up with horse head in his bed

    The long knives are out for ‘ol Crazy Bernie, and his supporters will revolt in protest once again, and may even vote for Trump as a protest vote.

    I hope Team Trump works the cut and entices them to come over and give him a try, “free college” maybe?

  5. At least this time looks like they took Bernie to a Vet, had him evaluated, clipped his nails, gave him a flea bath, trimmed, shaved and reduce his spittle controlled issue by half. He still looks and sounds like a gutter drunk you would never sit next to on the bus or subway.


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