CNN claims cuckolding is cool

CNN is reporting that watching your wife have sex with another man can be beneficial for your relationship, advocating cuckolding.


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  1. Does this apply to Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper as well?(Of course it does.)

    What I am waiting for is someone to ask one of their anchors,”To whom is Jeff Zucker loaning his wife and how is that working for him.”

  2. It’s almost as if they are forever reaching for a new low. It’s quite transfixing to watch; like a Titanic full of druggies, sodomizers, devil worshipers, and those who cannot decide if they should sport a penis or a vagina.

  3. CNN becomes a total Onion parody of itself.

    Maybe CNN’s sick, vicious, self-loathing faggot Dan Savage can find that Malaysian airliner fellow faggot Don Lemon told anchor faggot Anderson Vanderbilt Cooper must have “flown into an unmarked Black Hole”.


  4. It is cool.
    If you’re a fooking liberal pansy that has more than a few loose screws rattling around the skull.

  5. How about watching your wife have sex with Amelia Earhart? That’s “cockpitholding”? “Going ’round the world”?

  6. I did a little surfing on this weird shit. And it gets weirder. The short sick ass story. A woman marries a Beta Male for control. She has several Alpha Males on the side referred to as Bulls. It’s the Beta Males responsibility to let his wife be taken by the Bulls, but also to pleasure the Bull and his so called wife. Here’s the bad part. He needs to wash the dishes too. Seriously this is some twisted shit.

  7. I suddenly felt the need to take a shower and I’m 100% serious. I see the suicide rate of 30 year old males going thru the roof. I’m not linking this shit.

  8. RottyLover

    I’m dead serious. Thats a little slice of humanity I wish I was never exposed to. CNN should jump in with both feet. This crap makes you value your marriage even more than usual.

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