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CNN Color Shifts Biden’s Blood Red Background to Pink and Purple


Thursday night, President Biden delivered a speech in Philadelphia that obviously had one goal in mind: To get voters’ minds off what an awful job this administration has done by putting the focus on somebody who isn’t even on the ballot in November. As we told you earlier, another issue was the backdrop of the president’s speech. How’s this for “optics”? More

11 Comments on CNN Color Shifts Biden’s Blood Red Background to Pink and Purple

  1. Official fact-checkers report that Biden did not disparage half of the country as MAGA Republicans, only the half of the voters (allegedly) that voted for President Trump.

    In another comment, the same fact-checkers report that CNN was visited by FBI agents asking that Russian disinformation and communistic colors not be aired.

  2. My mistake, the second comment by the checkers should read that there is no proof that the FBI visited CNN to make that request.

  3. Biden expresses his utter disdain and hatred for all Americans, and not just some. That he only served to further highlight his incompetence and impotency is the most glaringly obvious. Don’t fall for the amateur’s ruse. Keep your cool since he and his filthy hell-bound admin and ignorant party hope good Americans lose it.

  4. No doubt it will be claimed that MAGA media shifted it from peaceful purple to blood red, and CNN is showing the original color.

  5. So CNN is trying to change its image?
    Looks like they’re more interested in changing the image of the Communist party!
    Haven’t they herd that you can’t change the spots on a Spotted Hyena?

  6. The whole point that The Pedophile-In-Thief was trying to make is thus, you don’t dare to disagree with him, nor do you dare insult or criticize your all-knowing benevolent tyrant’s in the government. The background was meant to try to intimidate Republican voters. As if Biden was saying that he will not hesitate to use force if you oppose his agenda(Marine’s in the background). I do find it interesting that he & the rest of his flunkies are desperately trying to walk back everything he said. They are stupid & evil, but the blowback was swift & brutal, they all know that they stepped in it, deep. I cannot believe(yet not surprised) that Biden’s elder abusers actually thought this “unity speech” was a good idea. He looked & sounded like the angry old man yelling at the kids in his neighborhood to get off his lawn.

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