CNN Doesn’t Know Its MN From Its MI

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CNN is now telling us that Michigan is in fact Minnesota.

When reporting that some businesses in Michigan can now reopen, the cable network used a map that incorrectly labeled The Wolverine State as Minnesota. If President Trump had made the same mistake, CNN would be calling Trump a murderer for incorrectly telling Minnesotans that it was now safe to reopen their businesses. It’s only fair, then, that we highlight CNN’s struggles with geography. More

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  1. Considering the type of people both places elect, Whitmer in MI, and Ilhan Omar in MN, they might as well be the same place. The voters are equally… fill in the blank however you wish.

  2. “Donald Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map if you had the letter U and a picture of an actual physical crane next to it.”—CNN contributor Rick Wilson

  3. Hold your left hand out as if stopping traffic. Michigan! It’s not that fricken hard. Should be the easiest of the 57 states to memorize.

  4. You have to be so ignorant and so narcissistic – or so shamelessly corrupt – to have your face on XiNN.

  5. @Aaron Burr — Maybe so, but I’d bet you wouldn’t go on national news teevee, point to Vancouver, and declare that it’s in Newfoundland.

  6. CNN – the CoronavirusNonsenseneNetwork had trouble locating Indiana the other day as well. I don’t watch that crap, but I did see a graphic they displayed.

    This is what happens when you hire ‘college educated and just graduated’ morons that don’t know basic things.

    @Thirdtwin – thanks for that reminder, eff that prick.

  7. Whaat’s new?!?@
    CNN has 3 (three) radical liberal Ronny haters they label as “conservative” contributors! They know not America, have not for decades!
    Their ratings were in a “death spiral” before Taper. the last 2 years they have gone back to the spiral! Were it not for generous taxpayers CNN would be dead. History!

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