CNN Goes After the Agitpropist Who Made Trump Body Slam Gif

As a site who had one of our memes tweeted by Trump I find this interesting.

CNN tracked down the Redditer who created the CNN body-slam gif and threatened to out his real name. What was even more gross was the admonition that followed-

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

“Offending posts”?

“Not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again”?

“CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change?”

What the ef is going on here? CNN is blackmailing a private citizen who did NOTHING WRONG!!!!

Wait, I take that back. What the person did wrong was say that this “serves as an example to others not to do the same.”

Yeah, sure. CNN is going to keep me from posting stuff like this-

And if I don’t stop they are going to do what? They are going to find out my real name and publish it so something bad can happen to me?

CNN’s stance was that Trump’s tweet was going to cause something bad to happen to a journalist, and then they threaten to dox people in hope that something bad happens to them.

Screw CNN sideways.

image via   iHeartMyDoggy

ht/ Charlie WalksonWater 


And I’m not all that happy with Ben Shapiro, who can’t even report this story without lobbing in several jabs at Trump. Doesn’t this repressed bore realize that Trump is causing this upheaval? He is laying bare the issue of a thuggish left-wing press for all to see and the right is winning the fight, no thanks to people who still don’t get it.

I get Shapiro’s point.  We all do. Trump embarrasses him. WGAS?????????

Trump is my tool to achieve what I want achieved politically, no matter what the “tone” is.

In his piece Ben Shapiro says (with an exclamation point) that the left’s behavior did not cause a man to shoot republican congressmen. So what is Trump’s behavior going to do? What’s the great fear? We’re all going to start mocking handicapped people? (Which Trump never did, by the way.)

Ben would like to have everything done his way – on a lecture circuit that no one cares about, no one responds to, which accomplishes very little.

A body slam gif by a no name at Reddit did more to expose the left than Shapiro has done since he put down his fiddle.


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  1. ***News Flash***

    CNN just outed Big Fur Hat as Edwin J.J. “Muskie” Winklebaum

    Reporters currently scouring the local Publix on 4th Avenue in Port St. Lucie.
    Film at 11.

    (He better get that entree at Oceans 234 to go…)

  2. They would not publish his name because that would not be fake news. Are these amoral cretins tying to take the the moal high ground, or are they judge, jury, and exacutioner?
    I suggest they play hockey alone and puck themselves.

  3. They should quit while they’re ahead. Trumps video will not cause the passionate right to blow large hole in them. However their ensuing behavior will. By the way Instagram is chalked full of Para Military sights with images far worse than anything shown here. CNN should threaten to out them.

  4. 1. Streisand effect. I had already forgotten about the whole video until CNN reminded me. LMAO douchebags!

    2. Dude should not have apologized but instead should have gone to a lawyer for harassment.

    3. Ben Shapiro has TDS + OCD. Sick of him. He should tour with Maxine Waters because it sounds like he’s got brain issues, too.

  5. “3. Ben Shapiro has TDS + OCD. Sick of him. He should tour with Maxine Waters because it sounds like he’s got brain issues, too.”

    Fuck that midget.

  6. I hereby declare that if I ever produce or I am party to a production that causes a major news conglomerate to threaten me, iotw, BFH, et all,
    I will vehemently, defiantly, and proudly stand tall.
    I will never let these fuckers oppress my will and opinion.
    Bring it ON! assholes.

    It’s way past time this shit got real.
    Today…we proclaim this…OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  7. That short video clip must have really struck a nerve. I am of the opinion that we should incessantly continue down this road.

  8. BFH’s name is Edwin J. J. “Muskie” Winklebaum!

    We have finally outed him!

  9. “That short video clip must have really struck a nerve.”

    I’ve been pondering that. What’s the deal? The day before Donnie Douchebag was challenging Trump to a fight. Crickets. Do the images of even pretend violence frighten these snow flakes to the point of insanity. It was all good until that video. What the hell are we dealing with here? Shits getting to real for Keyboard warriors? I don’t get it. Is Donnie now in hiding?

  10. The rumor on the reddit thread Charlie Walksonwater posted above is that it is a 15 year old kid that did the gif. If true, it’s hard to blame a teenager for not wanting his entire life ruined before it even gets started. Hopefully some attorney will step up to sue the smug out of CNN for extorting an apology out of this kid by stating they will maliciously reveal his identity unless he acts according to their wishes in the future. Seems like a pretty cut and dried case of blackmail to me.

  11. BFH’s name is Edwin J. J. “Muskie” Winklebaum!

    No way dude, the two most common names for FAGS are Edwin and Larry. FURs not gay.

  12. I shoulda hit the refresh button before I posted LOL – MJA already beat me to the punch.

  13. “The rumor on the reddit thread Charlie Walksonwater posted above is that it is a 15 year old kid that did the gif.”

    I would imagine that 15 year old kid will receive some REALLY high powered help. Trump will have a field day with this. CNN is gonna get killed.

  14. CNN is calling the poster on Reddit and others racist, anti-semitic, homophobic. AND SHOWED NO PROOF! LOL.
    Liars, low ratings, everyone hates on them, CNN is burnt toast.

  15. Here’s a link to the kid’s posts (from a link on the reddit thread) that were so horrible that CNN vapor locked.

    Although some of it could be considered offensive by crybabies and whiners, some of it (about islam) is simple truth telling (the truth is offensive to a lot of people). From my standpoint, it’s the same stuff you can find a million other places on the internet so I can’t get my knickers into a twist over it.

  16. A 15 year old creates a political cartoon gif and CNN goes nuts. The kid is Satan in the flesh.
    Another 15 year old brings a pseudo bomb into a class room in Texas and he’s labeled a genius and invited to the White House.
    I need help with this one.

  17. CNN lies so much, I wonder about the veracity of their threat report.

    The only thing that lends a minuscule of credibility (pardon the misnomer in using credibility with CNN), to it, is that the left bullies.

  18. DOX me, and come at me. I am in Texas. You will be sorry.
    I invite this kid to my place, and I will protect him.
    CNN and all their employees better think twice, or ten times before coming here and thinking they will get their way.
    Bullies will get buried here. We do SSS- Shoot,Shovel,Shut-up.
    We are also known for not allowing enemies of the State to survive.

  19. OH. IT SO ON, CNN. FK YOU, CORRUPTION NITWIT NETWORK. You reap what you sow, and you’ve just sown something you definitely do NOT want with most of America.

  20. Sorry to see that 15yr old back down. So many opportunities to escalate and twist the knife. A little more fight might have brought the CNN house of cards down.

    BTW- Did Ben ever get w/ Michelle Fields? He got fired for defending her fake assault story. You’d think he’d get a little something-something, you know, for the effort.

  21. Would not put it past the ISIS Network to kidnap the kid for torture and death porn.

    Like the throwbacks they love.

  22. So CNN’s big legal team threatened a 15 year old.

    CNN has a Room 101.

    The totalitarianism Left reveals itself.

  23. If they have such top-notch investigators at CNN you’d think they’d have found some legitimate dirt between Trump and Russia.

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