CNN’s political commentator Ana Navarro responds to President Trump’s reported comments criticizing …

by going BAT-SH*T CRAZY!


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45 Comments on CNN goes BAT-SH*T CRAZY!

  1. To preserve my health, I have hypertension. CNN aggravates that condition. CNN is worse than overdosing on salt. Likewise MSNBC. Consequently, I avoid them both.

  2. Jake Tapper is tweeting that Trump didn’t call Haiti and African countries shit holes.

    Still, no one is answering the question: why would we want more people from shit holes?

  3. This, from the network staffed with neutered dumbocrat lap dogs, who grinned and winked while they and owedummer referred to tea party members “tea baggers”.

  4. Imagine if I was as susceptible to criticism as lisperals are, my tone would also turn negative and would be extremely critical of criticism. It’s nice to not be part of the shithole party. I love winning.

  5. This, from the network staffed with neutered dumbocrat lap dogs, who grinned and winked while they and owedummer referred to tea party members as “tea baggers”.

  6. As soon as I heard President Trump had said that I knew – we all knew – that would cause a major shit storm that likely will never go away.

  7. Is it Batshits for Shitholes or

    Shitheads for Shitholes?

    Also, the only people who have made this claim are Dickface Durbin and Jeff Snowflake.

  8. Ana Navarro should travel and stay in one of these shit hole nation for 2 months. I would suggest she receive no more than the average monthly income of the inhabitants. After the two months come back and report your findings.

    She may have a greater appreciation for the United States.

  9. In about a week, (Jake Tapper already started) they are going to walk it back because they’ll realize that congressmen won’t get anything from the president. Not even in the slightest, for this fake news insult. The left fucked themselves in the ass and don’t realize it yet, but they will.

  10. Of course he said it. We have reached a point in this country when the truth has to be denied, ignored and rejected. Shithole is a very descriptive word for third world nations that are failed countries.

  11. I’d rather catch my foreskin in my zipper than watch the dung eating dogs of the MSM. I’m pretty sure that accurately conveys the sentiment I hold for them.

  12. So how are we to refer to shit hole nations? Third world countries? Impoverished areas? Underdeveloped countries? We have tried all of those terms and we just become inured to how ugly these countries are.

    Venezuela is a great example. It was doing fine until the socialists took over, and now it’s a shit hole. Garbage piling up in the streets of its cities, no products on the shelves, government corruption, rampant crime…
    Venezuela’s turning into a shit hole. The country stinks figuratively, and in many places literally.

    What progressives are worried about is combining the term “shit hole” with the term “socialist” and that common folk will realize the two actually go together. I spent some time in Mexico – the people were friendly and hard working, much of the country is beautiful, and it could have a lot going for it except for the corruption and the lock hold the centralized government had on the nation. Much of Mexico is a shit hole not because of any natural disability, but because of the very people and government system our progressives champion today.

    So I guess the point is that “shit hole” is unacceptable; the term is actually “corrupt socialist shit hole.”

  13. I wonder if Chris Cuomo (see Brads link) violated any FCC Rule by writing “shithole” on the screen, knowing his kids were watching etc. Cuomo is a real shithead!

  14. And Mr Pinko has a small penis so he has to bang the audience, twice.

    Gosh we’re all really impressed down here. The banging tacked onto the end of the video screams “I have a little Willy and I’m going to bang you whether you like it or not”


    They are the propagandist opposition, can’t watch their racist hysteria today, maybe some other time.

  16. Conan,

    You lying piece of Lib shit. From the Hill.

    Graham neither confirmed nor denied the controversial remarks attributed to Trump, but the GOP senator said he appreciated statements from Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

    Typical Lib faggot. Can’t stick to the facts.

  17. To be completely honest, I’ll be disappointed if we find out he didn’t say “shithole”. There’s so many snowflakes in this country now you’d swear there’s damn blizzard every day. Oh my virgin ears, President Trump called a shithole, a shithole. Good, it’s time we stopped sugar coating a pile of shit and calling it candy.

  18. joe6pak

    I hope he said it too. But the implication is if he didn’t say it and the Libtards, including Graham, are lying about it, it needs to be run up the flag pole. Jake Trapper is saying it didn’t happen.

  19. This stupid Marxist phrase was graffitied onto the Statue of Liberty long after she was erected.
    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
    Where else does wretched refuse from a teeming shore come from anyway

    A shit hole!

  20. Listen to the audio version of o’bama’s stupid books and all the times he’s said “racist” things even about his own Grandmother.

    This gorilla dust by the left is kind of amusing but is getting old.

  21. We’re supposed to pretend that Mr. Sit-down, Shut-up, I Won, You Aren’t Getting the Keys back, Go Win Some Elections wasn’t sitting in the Oval Office calling Republicans motherfuckers all day long with Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes.

    Fuck your feelings.

  22. The irony is Trump only used the same word the leftists use when they think of those places as s***holes, and use it as an excuse / reason why the people from the s***hole countries should be allowed into America and turn America into one too. Trump only used their own opinion of those countries, to improve communication with them, and they get upset about it.

  23. The first time I used the S-word in front of my grandfather he said, “You just had something in your mouth I wouldn’t want to hold in my hand.” I never made a habit of using the word.

    Keeping with his opinion about it. The nut jobs at CNN & other leftist shows must love the taste, texture, and aroma a lot to keep it in their mouths all day. Probably for next week or two before the real flavor reaches their consciousness.

  24. Let me subject myself to a screaming lunatic of the ShitHole® Media. Right after I stab myself in the eyeball with an icepick.

    Look! A Squirrel!

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