CNN is sad

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  1. For cryin’ out loud! Trump talks to the press more than any President has. Every time he goes somewhere he stops and spends a good half hour or so taking questions. CNN’s reporters probably don’t want to be outside in the cold.

  2. CNN was fully exposed as unquestionably biased against President Trump (and the rest of us) by Project Veritas.
    CNN was bought by AT&T yet keeps its bias and dishonesty.
    I don’t know how CNN stays the way they are and stays in business as a so-called news network.

  3. CNN hates the President, buries stories that may be favorable to Trump, and makes stuff up. They need a press secretary to tell them that?

  4. It does make it a lot harder for C,N & N to spin the news and make it stay spun when the only footage you have is direct words from POTUS Trump.

  5. You made your own bed. Don’t blame the President for your childish actions, (I’m looking at you, Acosta). White House press briefings are a privilege extended at the sufferance of the Executive, not a Constitutional right.

    TLDR: Get stuffed.

  6. Remember when a Fox reporter yelled a straightforward question to Obama durong one of his rare, submit your written questions in advance press conferences and was roundly criticized by the White House Press Corp?

    Good times.

  7. cnn is fake news

    the united states has no obligation to give them exclusive access to the president.

    cnn can fuck off and make up their lies without wasting goverment time.

    and that’s what they are doing now. fuck cnn.

  8. CNN is SAD. There are several appropriate acronyms for SAD that fit CNN nicely. Seek and Destroy, Social Anxiety Disorder, Schizo Affective Disorder, (PDJT)Season Affective Disorder – a state of depression experienced by some people during the Trump presidency.

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