CNN legal analyst: The Buzzfeed fiasco is going to make people “think we’re a bunch of leftist liars trying to get Trump”

Geller Report: That’s because they’re a bunch of leftist liars trying to get Trump. This is what they do. They’re so mad to destroy Trump, they don’t care how many lies they tell. And no matter how many times they’re exposed, and how low their ratings fall, they keep it up and never, ever get the idea that maybe it would be wiser to be more fair and accurate in their coverage.  MORE

13 Comments on CNN legal analyst: The Buzzfeed fiasco is going to make people “think we’re a bunch of leftist liars trying to get Trump”

  1. Toobin (in his whiny voice) “I don’t think it’s true”.
    Someone once said Hillary lies even when when the truth would serve her better. All libs (and many repubs) are this way.

    It must be in their DNA. They’re Mutants.

    Can we euthanize them now, “out of love”?

  2. It’s called having a Sherlock moment as in:
    No Shit Sherlock!!

    I’m sure with the Clownfart News Network it’s also a fleeting moment as well.
    (and no Anderson, you can’t have a double Fleet)

  3. Big steaming plate of Duh there…
    Fact check: Something media goes on about regularly at length, yet it’s a mystery to them on how to go about it.

  4. Probably the only reason Zucker hasn’t been #metooed is CNN’s dedication to destroying Trump. Don’t take your foot off the gas, Zucker. Sex objects in the mirror are closer than they appear to be.

  5. Way way to late figuring that out. That train left the station decades ago. And everyone else already knew it was long gone.

  6. Actually, if any of losers had a shred of self respect or any vestige of character, class or dignity left they would just quietly do themselves in.

  7. Jeffie, that boat, the Journ-O-list, sailed years ago.
    It departed, with a port list, full of leftist losers.
    Bretbart had your number when he came on the scene.

  8. When Steven Colbert accompanied by the entire CBS management apologizes sincerely to the President for being savagely uncivil, and then they resign,
    I’ll drop my wish for them to die a painful death in their sleep.

    The same wish applies to every single lying rat bastard that accepts a salary to regularly lie to the public in defiance of federal broadcasting laws.

  9. Imo, Joy Behar has made it clear that she is the enemy of 100+million people in this country who voted for Trump. She should be told every time she is out in public.


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