CNN liberal apologists caught burying The Post’s Hunter Biden exposé

NYPost|By Miranda Devine:

The collusion of mainstream media and Big Tech to censor The Post’s Hunter Biden story now is laid bare in leaked recordings of CNN’s news meetings from the time.

CNN boss Jeff Zucker is heard instructing his staff to downplay the bombshell story that implicated Joe Biden in a shady foreign influence-peddling scheme, according to audio released Tuesday by undercover news outlet Project Veritas.

On the morning of Oct. 14, the day we published an email from Hunter’s abandoned laptop in which a top executive from corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma thanked Hunter for arranging a meeting with his then-VP father, CNN political director David Chalian is heard telling Zucker and his underlings that the news network would not cover the story.

“Obviously, we’re not going with the New York Post story right now on Hunter Biden,” said Chalian. “We’ll just continue to report out this is the very stuff that the president was impeached over . . . that Senate committees looked at and found nothing wrong in Joe Biden’s interactions with Ukrainians.”

Chalian, who oversees all of CNN’s political coverage, was not being straight with his colleagues.

This was new evidence reflecting on Joe Biden’s integrity, suggesting that despite repeated denials, he had met with an executive of the company that was paying his wayward son up to $83,000 a month to sit on its board, at a time when Burisma was looking for favors from the US government and he was vice president.

This was the first concrete link between Joe and his family’s shady foreign business deals, and there was much more to come over the next few days, all ignored or pooh-poohed by CNN in a naked bid to protect the Biden campaign from legitimate scrutiny.

On no planet is that not news.

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  1. well i was gonna state…… er wait a minute…… xi is sending coin paypal….. i wasn’t gonna state nothin’…..

  2. What does it say about a political movement that does not trust the public with real information?

  3. I priest in Philadelphia has just died after taking the new Moderna coronavirus vaccine.

    There is literally not one chance in all of hell that the death report will say that the vaccine was the cause of death.

  4. It don’t matter what the crime or behavior is.
    It only matters about the politics of the doer of the deed.

    Bad nazi conservative — report and even make things up.
    Good progressive — fork the dung over to cover it up.

    About the organge man? Jump up and down, throw feces, and scream.

    Such are the editorial guidelines of CNN, MSNBC, and newspapers/journalists(s) in the USA

  5. Here’s your vice president elect, doing what she got her her job:

    I got the joke, but sorry- that link is a hell no.

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