CNN poll: Majority of Americans now oppose impeaching Trump

WT: Though the news media appears obsessed with the idea of impeaching President Trump, the majority of Americans now oppose that idea according to a new CNN poll.

“With Democrats set to take control of the House in January, speculation abounds about whether the new majority would impeach the President. Americans break against that idea. Half — 50 percent — say they don’t feel that Trump ought to be impeached and removed from office,” wrote CNN polling director Jennifer Agiesta in her analysis.

Republicans have the president’s back: 91 percent agree that impeachment should not be on the table. more

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  1. On Drudge:
    “Almost every part of President Donald J. Trump’s life under investigation…”

    That right there tells you that they have overplayed their hand.
    The MSM and the deep state have looked at their cards and said they have aces.
    Yet they actually have a deuce and an eight, off-suit.
    They are bluffing and the American public knows better.

  2. I’m still curious about Obama’s college grades, his sketchy birth documents and past associations with shady middle easterners. Since the press is digging so deeply into every aspect of the presidents life maybe they can shed some light on what thus far they’ve refused to. I’m sure they’re very eager to explore.

  3. gin, if only the fixed paid for election of 2008 had been as curious as well,,,
    Just glad now we are where we are now.

  4. “… and past associations with shady middle easterners.” would be good to know about his PRESENT association with shady middle easterners TOO, @gin blossom, starting with his live-in majordomo and apparent on-properly religious policeman the Iranian Valarie Jarrett…

  5. “75% surveyed dont know what impeachment is or what it takes to impeach a President.”

    …which is why the Democrats want to change the rules, and they’re pretty sure no one will notice if they DO, @Tom…

  6. The idiots out there claim Clinton wasn’t impeached because he stayed in office, but many believe Nixon was impeached because he left office.
    Mad Maxine and the others believe they can remove him by office by bringing up impeachment. There is no way possible to remove him by office without /3 vote in Senate.
    Even if removed from office, it would be President Pence, not Hillary.

  7. How long after impeachment proceedings are initiated do the democrats have to figure out what they’re impeaching for?

  8. This is a CNN poll and if they were forced to report 50% do not support impeachment while 43% do then you can bet the number that don’t support impeachment is a helluva lot higher then 50% and they’ve deliberately skewed the poll likely through question and response weighting.


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