CNN Reporter Appears To Mock McConnell’s Polio Struggles

DailyCaller: CNN political reporter Daniella Diaz poked fun at President Trump for helping Sen. Mitch McConnell up the stairs Monday, seemingly forgetting that the Senate Majority Leader had polio in his youth.

“That hand-lock between Trump and McConnell, though,” Diaz tweeted with a video of Trump helping McConnell climb the stairs.


As a number of Twitter users pointed out, it’s not exactly funny to make fun of someone who has complications from having polio as a child.  read more

21 Comments on CNN Reporter Appears To Mock McConnell’s Polio Struggles

  1. GrandMaO Clintard in her chicom dictator smocks / dirty housecoats and non-matching zero gravity spaceboot somehow eludes Senorita Diaz’s comedic eye.

  2. Lord know there’s plenty to criticize McConnell over, but the fact that he needed assistance because of his early childhood illness, and the fact that Trump is a compassionate man who thought nothing of helping is just too much for the pushers of the false CNN narrative to bear.
    Diaz is not a journalist. She is a hateful, liberal hack who belongs on the Colbert show staff, writing spiteful insults about normal Americans.

  3. I’ve seen him help others up and down the rose garden stairs. He left the podium once to help an elderly man who was with the Boy’s and Girl’s State visitors this summer. He went down the stairs and helped the fellow walk up to be recognized.

  4. Race to the finish which Marxist MSM will replay the video of Trump alleged mocking of a reporter with a disability or better yet, Hollyweird’s Meryl moron Strepthroat’s pathetic scripted speech at the awards showoff.

  5. At least he was competent and didn’t let McConnell fall.
    Then again, maybe Hiligula’s handlers are praying that she hits her head one time….

    Not that I am.

  6. Pardon me while I blow my own horn.

    Post-polio stiffens the muscles causing difficulty moving. Sloooow motion. I hung out w/a crowd back in the 80’s and one of the guys was teased insufferably about being sloooow. (They were about 10 years older than me.) I was a new grad but i recalled reading about post-polio symptoms in some medical journal. I asked if he had had polio in his youth and he had. They had actually been to many drs. and no one diagnosed this. And yet I, as a up and coming RT, did. But with that “diagnosis” they went to drs and got help. I ran into his widow in AZ last Christmas at my sisters house and she weeped telling me the story of how that helped her husband live a better life until he passed and many others as they spread the word. I was and still am overwhelmed that i actually effected many lives with that one meeting.

    Mcconnel is still an ass. Just a slooooow motion ass

  7. typical Leftist asshole. They get all high & mighty with their PC bullshit but when it suits them, their real Monster comes out and they’ll make fun and ridicule anyone for any purpose, so long as it advances their leftist agenda.

    Despicable. Disgusting.

  8. Good for you, Charlie WalksonWater! Very nice.

    I cannot stand McConnell. Just can’t. But damn, even I’m not gonna make fun of him needing help because of an after effect from a childhood illness. He didn’t ask to be, nor did he purposely put himself in a position to get Polio.

  9. This is the first I’ve heard of McConnell having had polio. My estimation of him goes up a notch (not that it was any height) because, unlike McCain and his past, McConnell doesn’t use it to his advantage.

  10. Feel good story: I had a very beloved Geology teacher in college. He loved the mountains but was wheelchair bound due to polio as a kid, so he was unable to join his friend who taught backpacking as a phys ed class. They were going to backpack the Appalachian Trail for a week and when some guys found out about it, they made a plan. They were in the backpacking class and got the ok from the instructor to carry the teacher the whole trip. He got to see the Smokey Mountains from the top of a peak in the wilderness. You should have seen his face as he told us about it the next semester. Not a dry eye in class that day.


    Remember when the liberals thought that was the greatest sin ever, until the next greatest sin ever?

  12. No man stands so tall as when he bends down to help another.
    I am so proud and glad that Donald J Trump is my president and commander-in-chief. Somehow I can’t see O’Bozo having done that.

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