CNN Reporter to Obama, Speaking About ISIS, “Why can’t we take out these bastards?” – IOTW Report

CNN Reporter to Obama, Speaking About ISIS, “Why can’t we take out these bastards?”

Includes Obama’s LAME answer – and why we are in a sh!t-load of trouble.

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48 Comments on CNN Reporter to Obama, Speaking About ISIS, “Why can’t we take out these bastards?”

  1. yes, you were asked three times because you have no answer, no plan, you incompetent, jug-eared moron

    when it comes to obama and isis, there’s nothing therethere

  2. All of the catch phrases that got him elected but not uttered with the same bravado because he knows how lametaskic it sounds in the bright light of reality called Paris.

  3. It’s amazing to consider that a fictional character (Quinn) from a TV show (Homeland) understands more about the way of the world than our real life President (Obama) of the (United States) a real life place.

  4. Why can’t WE take out these bastards?

    There lies the root cause of the problem. There is no “we” in my mind when you are talking about America vs the progressive movement.

    There is no “we” in obama’s mind either. He is a progressive and progressives are 100% invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death. So long as the progressive movement has as much influence in American government as it does there is not going to be any serious attempt to do anything about radical Islamic terrorism period.

    To obama real Americans are not part of his “we” and the sooner people get that through their heads the sooner this menace can be dealt with.

    Here is the part of what I have said that a lot of people here are not going to like: the Bush family, eRepublicans and the Democrat Party are totally invested in progressiveism and that is why nothing was done to completely eliminate the threat posed by these 12th century throwbacks.

    And then there are people like the progressive base of teh Democrat Party, McCain and his girlfriend Lindsay who are active collaborators with radical islamists.

  5. I am so sick of this son of a bitch–I wish the bastard would just resign, pardon OJ, and the both of them can camp out on the golf course with Reggie.
    January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough.

    Cruz in ’16.

  6. Obola has no intention of stopping ISIS. Or of stopping the nuclearization of Iran.

    How can we continue to avoid seeing what is so vividly obvious in front of our eyes?

    Has the Lord blinded us for a purpose? I am loath to guess what that purpose may be.

  7. Incompetence, my ass!

    Destroyed our economy through regulation.
    Imported an infestation of rat-people.
    Importing another infestation of rabid, feral, ragheaded, murdering savages.
    Thoroughly corrupted the bureaucracy.
    Nationalized healthcare.
    Foments rebellion among the negroes.
    Destroyed the “rule of law” and all concomitant respect.
    Corrupted the Legislative process.
    Usurped at least 1 election.
    Debased the Supreme Court.
    Prostituted our armed forces.
    Used the Federal Reserve to debase our currency.

  8. He told you and I quote; “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

    What’s more fundamental than freedom & liberty? Yet here we are.

  9. It’s not just Obama, the list of traitors to America is long.

    Valerie Jarrett
    Ben Rhodes
    Anyone who has followed his illegal orders.

  10. Believe it.
    Joe Stalin didn’t just wander into the Kremlin and take over.
    Hitler didn’t just wander into Berlin and take over.
    Mao didn’t just wander into the Forbidden City and take over.

    They all have (had) millions of useful idiots who worship the very ground they walk on and who are willing to prostitute themselves, do their bidding, kill for them, and die for them.

    I cannot fathom the emptiness and loneliness of the lost soul who could join a personality cult.

  11. I agree.

    But I’ll tell ya what.

    Between getting caught by all the world looking like the idiotic pussy he is, and what The Slims are doing to him, that doesn’t look like a dude who’s having much fun anymore.

  12. We can’t take out the bastards because he’s too busy trying to change the dialog. Problem is, we all know these people are subhuman and Zer0 is not very convincing.

    What is odd though, we still fry them with drones almost daily, there is no dialog. So I can only assume he’s weak kneed because he knows he’s a failure. He want to walk alway from the steaming pile of shit and say the worst part was already there, he merely made it smell better.

  13. If something “unfortunate” were to happen to this bastard, I will make the anniversary a personal holiday for the rest of my life. I promise that.

  14. I’ve said this a hundred times but think it’s worth repeating:
    Once you understand and accept the cold hard fact that Barack Hussein Obama identifies and SIDES with the savage cult of islam, then EVERYTHING he does makes perfect sense.


  16. Western countries are waiting with bated breath for the pResident Evil to leave the White House. It may be a dream deferred. Be warned – by this time next year, don’t be surprised if The United States is under martial law.

  17. Agreed. Obama’s term expires on my sixtieth birthday.

    I swear you’ve never seen a woman so eager to hit the big 6-0.

  18. Listen to his pauses. They don’t match the places a typical, intellegent human being would pause.
    Someone is telling him what to say into his earpiece.

  19. President Stompyfeet did not disappoint in this whiny putrid monologue… it was as bad, no, worse, than I ever dreamed it could be.

  20. bingo. I have some thoughts on this.

    People call 0bama a muslim, a communist, a marxist, a socialist, or incompetent.

    I don’t think he’s any of those things specifically.

    I think he is quite competent at his core competency – he is an agitator. He is a community organizer and that’s about all he’s good at doing.

    Why does he act like a muslim? Why does he claim to be a Christian? Why does he act like a communist or a socialist?

    His qualifications are community organizing. His PERSONAL BELIEF SYSTEM is nothing more than HATING THE UNITED STATES.

    He hates the USA. He wants to bring down the country.

    So he will do whatever however whoever whenever to bring down the country.

    Racial tension? check
    Rampant illegal immigration? check
    Rampant debt for pointless bullshit? check
    Screw up the middle east? check
    Destroy the health care system? check
    Cripple the economy? check
    Cause the spread of radical islam? check
    Bring radical islam into the country? check
    Alienate our allies? check
    Empower our enemies? check
    Refuse to go after terrorists? check

    I don’t think that 0bama cares one way or another about muslims OR Christians, but as a means to an end he will claim the dominant religion in the country to get a few votes.

    His brain trust, Jarret, is Iranian and thus he goes along with her and gives them whatever they want.

    He is heavily influenced by his upbringing in communist indoctrination and muslim education, sure. But he is hollow inside filled only by the flames of hatred for this country. He will do anything and be anything to bring it down.

  21. I’d like to see Jack Bauer called in to go after ISIS. He’d single handedly kill them all and save the world from annihilation, all while restoring his relationship with his daughter and romancing the hot love interest with his steamy PG-13 swear words.

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