CNN reporter triggered to tears

President Donald Trump’s war against the mainstream media’s fake news took another turn this week, and one CNN reporter was triggered to tears by it.

From the inception of his campaign for the presidency, Donald Trump has been treated with the utmost bias by the mainstream media.  Not only have they consistently called into question his leadership skills, business acumen, and political experience, they took things much, much further than that.

In one of the liberal media’s ugliest examples to date, pundits and hosts alike have been alluding to President Trump being sexually attracted to his own daughter, Ivanka, as well as stories regarding lewd and unsanitary sexual acts with Muscovite prostitutes, and the pervasive leftist theory that the President’s marriage to the First Lady is merely a sham.

On other words, the liberal media is playing extremely dirty with with the Commander in Chief.  That’s why Trump has taken great joy in avenging himself against these crooked “journalists” in whatever small way that he can, including a rearrangement of the White House Press Briefing seating in which the President has sent the CNN jokesters to the back of the class to whither away with the Romanian media.

That move really hurt the feelings of CNN’s Jim Acosta, who spoke weepingly about it on live television.  read more

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  1. Jim, you got spoiled by Barky, and now you’ve been brought to earth. But don’t take it sitting down in the back. Fight for your rights, Rosa Perks.

  2. CNN = “Cabal” News Network

    Progressive propaganda arm of the Democratic Socialists.
    Division, dissention and deceit leading the way to the destruction of the Republic.

  3. A crying girly man, maybe he and Comey can sell their tears. If it had been a woman I would have been equally disgusted.

  4. Trump also put NYT’s in the last row of seats at the presser with the president of Romania yesterday. lol

  5. I watch most of the press gaggles, as the WH calls them. The reporters grandstand every “question” they are snotty and repeat the same questions over and over in the same press gaggle.

    I’d like to see the seating organized by lottery, it is ridiculous as it stands, but better than that, I’d like Trump to cancel press gaggles and just hand out written statements and news and let the press submit written questions.

    You should watch a couple press gaggles yourself. Besides the Trump haters Spicer can’t help himself by calling on racists and victims every time.

    It would be funny, like a skit, if it wasn’t so fake compared to real news.

  6. Guess they never heard one of my mom’s lines; Keep that up and I’ll give you something to cry about.

  7. Leftist sniveling would amuse me if they weren’t so loathsome. Just looking at them pisses me off.

  8. When your “news” story is about where you sat instead of what the president said, you’ve lost any semblance of professionalism. When you cry about it on camera, you are a yuuuuge pussy and deserve all the ridicule you get.

  9. You know, every day SOMEONE is sitting in that last row, and in all the time CNN was in the front did they ever once complain about that OTHER person sitting in the last row and how unfair it was?
    Seems CNN has been getting 3 scoops every day and now it’s time to slum it with the great unwashed.

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