CNN Severs Ties With Donna Brazile

Patch: The DNC interim chair resigns from CNN after another WikiLeaks dump shows her passing debate questions to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

CNN says it is “completely uncomfortable” with hacked emails that show long-standing contributor and interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile apparently sharing questions with members of the Hillary Clinton campaign staff before a debate and a town hall during the Democratic primary — so much so that the network has accepted her resignation.

The hacked emails published by WikiLeaks show Brazile — whose contract was suspended when she became interim DNC chair in July — sending a question to the Clinton campaign that would be asked to Hillary Clinton before the March CNN Democratic primary debate in Flint, Michigan, as well as another possible question ahead of a CNN town hall that same month.  more here

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  1. If she was back in her native habitat she would be wearing both a loan cloth and a water jug on her head as she fetches the family drinking water from the nearest river!

  2. CNN isn’t outraged, it is completely uncomfortable “being caught”.

    Yet, CNN’s other talking heads are comfortable openly supporting Clinton through the Clinton Campaign talking points and defend Hillary’s corrupt criminal enterprise.

    NOT completely uncomfortable at all.

  3. Donna, “I’m a Christion woman and I know what it is like to be persecuted”. Yes Donna but do you now what it is like to be prosecuted?

  4. Methinks Gramma is running out of SACRIFICIAL lambs to offer up in lieu of herself. Climb up on the platform, Hillary, and take what you have coming. ‘the bell tolls for thee’.

  5. Completely uncomfortable?! They’re lying. They’re completely corrupt. They shared their polling data with the Killery campaign before making it public — among many other things.

    Buh bye, Clinton News Network.

  6. OT, but excited to share: Trump just told his capacity crowd in MI that he is pulling the plug on ALL U.S. monies earmarked for “climate”-related “stuff” at the U.N. “Billions and billions of dollars and no one knows what the hell it’s going to! That’s just ridiculous.”

  7. OT, Obama just announced he didn’t think Comey was trying to influence the election.

    WTF are they, he, up to?

  8. poor poor pitiful her……

    BUT….she’s a Christian, you know… she understands what it’s like to be persecuted…..

    uh huh……

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