CNN: State Dept Employees seen sitting in their cars crying, after Tillerson was let go


DC: State Department employees were seen crying in their cars after hearing the news President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Tuesday, according to a report.

The morale was reportedly so low after the announcement that many employees, including “seasoned diplomats,” were seen crying in their cars outside of the building, CNN State Department correspondent Michelle Kosinski reported. MORE HERE

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  1. In a related story, sales of Obama dolls and “comfort” poodles suddenly went up in DC yesterday…

  2. allegedly.
    source: CNN Senior Diplomatic Correspondent.

    Pictures/video or it didn’t happen.

    For some reason I don’t trust the source.

  3. Did these same seasoned pinstripers cry when their former boss Hillary got a US Ambassador sodomized, killed, and sodomized again?

  4. “Veteran diplomats said they could not remember a time when a president so regularly undermined his secretary of state so brazenly in the midst of a tense situation.”
    NYT yesterday, which serves to illustrate the problem. One is supposed to be acting at the direction of the president to begin with.

  5. The State Department has been
    its own little fiefdom for several
    decades. This President won’t
    tolerate the arrogant little princes of State setting policy and operating without his control and they don’t know how to handle that.

  6. I can understand their distress, they spent an entire year jockeying for Tillerson’s attention through flattery and brown nosing, now they’ll have to start all over again with a new boss.

  7. (To the tune of “My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean”)

    They told me to tune in C.N.N.
    They said that the truth I would see
    They said I would get information
    It sounded like bullshit to me.


  8. True or not, the 0bama leftovers in the state dept. have no friend in Pompeo from what I understand, so they should be worried for their phony baloney jobs.

  9. Advice from Trump to State Department crybabies: Time to take off you dypie and put on your big girl panties, we are busy MAGA and you are either with us or you are against us.

  10. Make no mistake. Tillerson ruled Exxon with an iron fist and was responsible for firing many good, decent people simply for not towing Exxon’s (his) line. It’s funny to see Rex nearly bursting out into tears when he is the one getting shit canned for not doing what his boss expects him to do. As a former long time employee of Exxon when Rex was the CEO, I can tell you that the one thing you never did there was to speak the truth if it ran counter to the company culture that was laid down by Rex Tillerson. Rex should think about all the people who he terminated instead of listening to what they had to say. Many of those people had great ideas and insight that would have benefited Exxon, but Rex was too arrogant to allow them to contribute. Being a dick is fine sometimes if you are willing to take responsibility when things go wrong. Rex never grasped that concept and was never really held to account when things went wrong at Exxon. He had a cult following among the management there. Adios, Rex! I hope your firing brings you wisdom when the tears stop flowing.

  11. They’re crying like lottery winners. The bloated State Department, thru the Kerry years, was full of treasonous, America hating leftist in love with Hillary. T Rex went in there to clean house. He didn’t accomplish his mission so there should be thousands of useless bureaucrats happy to have high paying jobs where they don’t have to produce anything of value and can’t be fired.

  12. Someone needs to explain to these hacks THEY don’t make foreign policy.

    I’m thinking some of these people influenced Tillerson to back the Iran Deal, which he worked behind Trump’s back, and eventually got him fired.

  13. These are the people who are supposed to stand up for our interests abroad???

    Firings aren’t going to fix the pussification of the State Department. That will require a douche tsunami.

  14. i’m smiling. I expect there will be a state department cleansing soon. And thanks Hambone, nice info.

    This is an uplifting article. The writing is on the wall for these worthless leeches in a bloated government agency


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