CNN Thinks They Have the Smoking Gun

What it’s firing, what it’s pointing at, who fired it and what it hit is anyone’s guess.

iBankCoin with the story.

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10 Comments on CNN Thinks They Have the Smoking Gun

  1. Thiss all reminds me of “Duck Season/Rabbit Season” — that hilarious Bugs Bunny cartoon with Elmer Fudd.

  2. What? Trump hanging out with a Russian real estate developer? And a Russian celebrity? Who were both going to help him hold Miss Universe in Russia? Oh the inhumanity! They probably ate chicken Kiev, too!

  3. CNN’s next ‘reveal’; “The horror of the Russian/Trump collusion dates further back, than Trump had disclosed or has been exposed before. You heard it first, right here at CNN. Donald Trump hired an American born citizen who was a descendent of Catherine The Great, to act as nanny for his children.”

  4. To be fair, Trump has “colluded” with Hollyweird a number of times, which I find even more suspicious than photo ops with Russian businessman, him being kind of a businessman himself…
    I guess we’re going with hating the Russkies again, instead of the French?

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