CNN To Repeat Town Hall Fiasco With LGBTQ

The ratings are in for the seven-hour marathon of democrat presidential candidates trying to out-crazy each other on climate change on CNN. While the evening of promised tyrannies generated many useful clips for the opposition, few people actually sat through the ordeal. Here

CNN host Don Lemmon reminded those hardy few who tuned in that the news network is going to replicate the format on October 10, promising seven-hours of “issues that are important to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community,” More

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  1. You mean about 5% of 5% of the population will tune in for 5% of the show?

    CNN must be purposefully trying to destroy themselves.

  2. …this is all just to make everyone feel like “Michelle” is a moderate by comparison when “she” gets nominated from the convention floor, all according to plan…

  3. I hope all candidates have enough time to address this very important question, as it is very important to our beautiful children who are blossoming into fine adults, as well as current active members of our community:

    Banning plastic straws has devastated the LGBTQIA+ community. While it may be a net positive for the Earth as a whole, the banning has left our community feeling empty and in desperate need to reclaim general use plastic straws. Banning them has been a direct blow aimed at us. This is a family show, and while I firmly believe all children should be aware of our issues, in order to avoid certain controversy I will simply phrase my question while omitting specific details: Have you ever tried to feltch with a paper straw?

  4. President Trump is using a new form of mental telepathy and communicating directly to CNN. He’s telling them how great the climate change show was. Next, let’s do a LGBTQ show. No telling what part 3 will be.

  5. PHenry- too true.

    CNN knows the Republicans will never ask for the same amount of free time because the staff at CNN would be more hostile to Republicans than Klaus Barbie was to orphaned Jewish children.

    On that note- it’s time CNN changes it’s name to reflect their new apporach to the news. I’d suggest either “Pravda” or “Der Strumer” but they have been taken. Maybe go with TNCT for “The New Current Truth”.

  6. Overall I want CNN to do it. Not because I support the LGBTQ’s destructive agenda but the American people need to see what pandering virtue signalling dolts these candidates are and how far each will go to out do themselves in sucking this group’s collective dick. It will be great ammo later on.

  7. How do these candidates prepare for this?!
    Seriously pandering for like 3% of the population. Which I heard two callers, one gay and one trans call into the Rush show last week when he was out and discuss why they were not voting dem in 2020. Maybe CNN got the lead on that.

  8. WHAT ISSUES???? How are there issues that effect certain minorities and not society at large… Perhaps I spend too much time under my rock but I don’t get it. Why should I even know about YOUR sexual proclivities if we are not intimate? Why should I pander to your madness?
    Shouldn’t all U.S. citizens simply strive to be responsible, productive Americans?
    Sometimes this endless bullshit makes me want to puke!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  9. When it comes to homo issues, CNN wants to Bleed from Behind.

    Er, I meant Lead from Behind.

    When Don Lemon isn’t drunkenly sexually assaulting bartenders that is.

  10. Those who think The Moochelle is interested in running against Mr. Trump in 2020, you are mistaken. Demwits still think the top three clown candidates, Joe, Bernie and Liz have a (fat) chance.
    Mooch the Giant wants to win the presidency in 2024. Do you really think she wants to be trounced by our magnificent President Trump? She’s too proud to end up looking like a fool. She thinks she will be a size 14 shoe in for 2024. As Rush would say, “Don’t doubt me on this”.

  11. Democrats:

    Vote for us; so we can steal all your shit and let perverts rape your kids. And better not say ‘no’ you fucking bigots!


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