CNN Van Jones’ wife files for divorce

FOX: The wife of CNN political commentator Van Jones has reportedly filed for divorce.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Jana Carter, who is an attorney and the niece of former president Jimmy Carter, filed for divorce in Los Angeles County Court on Friday.  more

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  1. @ joe6pak – most of these lowlife frauds do go the other way….their wives are beards and they are paid quite well.

  2. Story gets the Keith Ellison treatment and won’t last the weekend. The word’s “Van Jones wife is divorcing him”, unlike a throbbing cock, will never pass through Stelter’s or Acosta’s lips.

  3. “In a statement to People Magazine, the former couple said: ‘Though we have decided to end our marriage, we still love each other very much.
    We will continue raising our kids together, running our businesses together and supporting each other’s growth,’ the statement continued. ‘There is no beef or drama — just evolution.'”

    What a load of BS.

  4. I can’t believe Van’s giving up the “great equalizer” of any black man, his “white” trophy wife …. Remember everythings always all about race with Van,

  5. He needed a white woman to feel validated. She needed a black man to demonstrate her open mindedness. What a couple of douche bags.

  6. Wait! Wait! So – does this mean that “Once you’ve gone black, you CAN go back”?? The world doesn’t wonder…

  7. Is he gonna cut her fukkin head off like OJ?
    Or has he already got some other fluff lined up …

    And we make fun of the Frogs … sheesh …

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. It’s just “evolution…” Jana?

    When I was young, I was a liberal, too. I grew out of it earlier than you have. But, I do wish you well. ….Lady in Red

  9. I call foul! I have a cousin named Van. We both (obviously) have dutch ancestry. This guy has been appropriating whiteness!!!

  10. He saw Lena Dunham’s nude pics and went bonkers! He asked her if she wanted to monkey around a bit ala a banana split and old peanuts niece said no way I have my standards as in American standard toilets!

  11. I wonder if the divorce transcripts will be “permanently “ sealed…you know, like Illinois Senate hopefull, Jack Ryan’s.

  12. Just ‘member an SVU episode when their most recent best actor, ICE T, was explaining about a black politician being on the “down low”. Just sayin, it’s was years ago and now this pokes it’s head up. Best wishes to all!


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