CNN’s Chris Cillizza Posts Gif With a Quick Subliminal Frame

This is causing a bit of a stir on Twitter.

Chris Cillizza, the Trump-hating “journalist” for CNN, posted a gif of Trump pointing towards the heavens to honor fallen police officers.

That Cillizza would report this straightforward is questionable. He’s never gone out of his way to praise Trump, so there has to be some ulterior motive.

Is this frame the reason Cillizza posted the gif?

What is this?


I call bullshit for several reasons.

-He has dozens and dozens of gifs and none show the crosshair frame.

-He has dozens and dozens of gifs and none are flattering to Trump. So, if not posted for the crosshair frame, what is the point of the gif of Trump pointing towards the heavens?

-He is a sentient potato.

20 Comments on CNN’s Chris Cillizza Posts Gif With a Quick Subliminal Frame

  1. Don’t know, but I hope he was reported.
    They got on Palin’s case about NOTHING, so whether Cillizza’s post is ‘nothing’ or not, report him anyway.

  2. Eugenia, he’s just a guy who was ripping Trump for using a “Star of David” in a campaign ad.

    What will his excuse will be: hacked twitter, rogue intern or dinseenuffin?

  3. Trump needs to lock CNN out of all future press briefings. And this guy needs to be reported to the SS.

  4. That was quick. It’s was deleted quicker than he can claim “I was hacked”.

  5. He better PRAY hard that not one hair gets harmed on the President.
    Even if he’s never prayed in his wee life.

  6. It is clear that among the CNN Agents they repeatedly are agitating for violence against the President. They MUST be banned from the White House and kept as far away from him as possible. They are mentally unstable lunatics working for msnbCIA Director John Mohammed Brennan, a mozlem taqyya savage.

  7. Their stock Gify program also has Trump looking backwards from a convertible Lincoln in Dealey Plaza.

    Honest mistake.

    He should be suspended indefinitely pending an investigation into how their host came to post assassination porn of the President.

    Perhaps Steve Scalise can chime in.

  8. Tried calling CNN to demand he be fired. “Please hold. We are experiencing a higher than normal call volume”. Gee I wonder why??

  9. Trump needs to cite this gif to shut CNN out of all press functions, but then clearly state they won’t get back in UNLESS AND UNTIL they remedy the situation to his, and everyone’s, reasonable satisfaction…else as POTUS he’ll be taking his own justified steps, which will further tarnish CNN.

    The network will either

    (a) tell the guy to fall on his own sword and resign,

    (b) just can him outright,

    or maybe

    (c) if they defy Trump, they’re keeping someone onboard who suggested assassination of the POTUS, which Trump will call them on and continue to shut them out over. No possible way they can spin that.

    Pick any option, Trump wins.

    Make them live up to their own standards.

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