CNN’s Crack Team Of Speed-Reading Reporters

Within 10 minutes of the over 400 page Mueller report being released Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper brought on two reporters who had already read the entire document. More

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  1. It is entirely possible that they’d read the whole thing. If it had been leaked to CNN the day before.

    Remember who was there waiting for Mueller’s PDR on Stone.

  2. New Daffynition:
    Riggamarole: Anything rigged by a democRAT.
    Rigged elections
    Rigged “investigations”
    Rigged “News”
    Rigged Questions
    Rigged Answers (‘We’re Not Mizled by the President’)

  3. I like Trump..however i am tired of the endless bashing on ALL news channals but nothing about the 500 stealing,rioting blacks in chit town or the burning of the muslim girl for reporting of her teacher molesting her.🤔 i come in here to learn about whats happening on this planet because i dont see or hear about anytging anywhere else and its a dam shame that they only tell us what they want us to know. Thank you iotw and BFH.have a great and safe day.

  4. This reminds me of a contest from years back on IOTW where you had to come up with how today’s media would portray an historic event from the past in a headline.
    Example from winner of contest
    Angry Mongols fear racial profiling.

  5. This might explain a lot… I see this morning that President Trump was golfing with Rush Limbaugh.

    There you have it: All this time, he’s been colluding with Rush, not Russia! In haste to break the story, some crack reporter didn’t listen to the whole tip two years ago and every reporter in the MSM has been chasing the wrong collusion story since.

  6. ‘oddly enough’ laura jarrett’s mother, valerie jarrett, is an iranian anchor baby

    it was leaked to them- they skimmed it; someone else read it

  7. More Headlines for today’s PC readers:

    “Lincoln Frees the Slaves, But Wants to Send Them to Africa”
    President says the “darkies” can pick cotton somewhere else.

    “Millions of Peaceful Japanese Citizens Incinerated in US Imperialist Attacks”
    Emperor Hirohito calls Americans “Brutal Bloodthirsty Animals”.

    “Jackie Robinson Breaks Baseball’s Color Bar”.
    Some, or at least one white member of Dodger’s team said to consider lynching Robinson.

    “John Birch Society Assassinates JFK”.
    Suspect Oswald is innocent and was attending daughter’s Birthday Party.”


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