CNN’s Don Lemon loses his mind in an on-air meltdown

CNN’s Don Lemon loses his mind in an on-air meltdown after President Trump’s Phoenix Rally. He and his panelists haven’t been this unhinged since probably, well, since last week.

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  1. The harder the left squeezes out their propaganda against Trump, the more obvious it is that Trump is cleaning their clock.

    Trump is toying with the fucks like a cat with a soon-to-be-dead mouse.

  2. Juan Lémon is a ridiculous meme, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who listens to, let alone respects, his opinion on anything.

  3. What are The Chance, That Don Lemons Newest Freinds Are Paid To Hang Out With Him ?
    We Send Under Cover Agents in When We Need to Influence People , Why Would’nt Soros ? He’s Already Running Agitifa of Course He’s Going to Staff it From Head to Toe….With Sign Holders to Ceo’s !!!

  4. How someone can sit through this puling sissies broadcast might be an indicator of just how saturated with narcotics the public has become.

  5. Back in the U.S.S.R. Propaganda unplugged!
    We haven’t heard preposterous shit like this since Radio Moscow was on the air! We have a big problem in this country and most of it is on display right here with the bought and paid for Media!

  6. He’s George Soros’ boy toy, they’re both crazy in love and deeply bonded by the social struggle as well. It’s reported that George no longer has underage boys delivered to his estate for “exotic” entertainment. “I never thought I would find deep, affirming and complete love.” No wedding plans have been announced.

  7. Last week he said “there are good people on both sides.” In Phoenix he did not repeat that, therefore he lied. Now that is a stretch.
    These people, O’Donnell, Lemon, etc. simply hate President Trump AND those of us who love him. MAGA

  8. CNN is dying.
    I can’t imagine anyone sitting through this drivel.
    Ironic. The hard-Left flag burning audience they’re hoping for is already watching MSNBC.

  9. I liked that President Trump pointed out that the msm are the only ones giving these hate groups a platform. I also like that POTUS called out the fake news on a nationwide telecast. More likely a worldwide telecast. Assigning ownership. The fake news keeps digging their own grave. Can’t wait to see the grave covered over.

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