CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says he feels ‘snookered’ by Michael Avenatti ‘because I took him seriously’


WaEx: CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said he felt like he had been tricked by disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti following the latter’s recent conviction.

A New York federal court determined that Avenatti, 48, who previously represented pornographic film star Stormy Daniels, was guilty of three charges related to allegations of attempting to extort millions from Nike.

Toobin was on the network Friday night to discuss Avenatti’s meteoric rise and fall.

“I remember once at the peak of all of this, we went to lunch in midtown, when our offices were in midtown, and we walked back together to CNN, and it was like walking with a major, major celebrity,” Toobin explained. “People came up to him. It’s like, you know, ‘Go for it! Go get Trump!’ … And at the peak of this, he even announced he was considering running for president, and he went to Iowa, he went to New Hampshire. And to call it hubris … doesn’t do it justice. I mean, the craziness of this.” MORE

21 Comments on CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin says he feels ‘snookered’ by Michael Avenatti ‘because I took him seriously’

  1. So these two dickheads feel “snookered” by Avenatti do they? Toobin has been a chief “snookER” for at least the last 4 years on this phony news station. And Cooper, the poor little rich boy, is equally nonplussed. I mean, who could have seen this coming?

  2. Riddle me this, Jeffy:

    Did you take him “seriously”, because he’s such a good lawyer liar? Or because… reasons?


    Both mean I shouldn’t care!

  3. To a liberal, today’s truth is tomorrow’ lie.

    They use and discard people as is necessay. They are only DISAPPOINTED they can no longer use this tool. If they cared about him, they’d be concerned about his prison life, and misery.

    They don’t care at all. Only, me me me, I feel…

  4. I’m always amazed, those who claim to foresee all that President Trump does or may do as bad, cannot see the malice lurking behind this evil dwarves eyes.

  5. Every Trump hater – especially the CNN pukes – saw and heard exactly what they wanted to hear from CPL, and had no desire to hear anything else.

    Cry me a river you democrat party mouthpieces. One day there will be justice and I will rejoice when the day comes that CNN files for bankruptcy.

  6. Well gee Jeffery, roughly 3/4 of the planet wuz able immediately see whutta lying, scum-sucking shitbag Avenatti is right off the bat! What wuz yer problem? How come you couldn’t figure out how big of a dickhead he was BEFORE he was convicted?
    Now the entire planet can see what a total sham CNN and most of the so-called MSM truly is. They are Bought & Paid for (not to mention having worn-out knee-pads) by people pushing a radical agenda!
    … So thank yew for that at least!!!
    Now will someone hand me a can of Febreze please?

  7. To a progressive “their truth” is whatever is useful to advance their agenda. Just look at the whole global warming fiasco if you want to understand exactly how they operate. If this clown was still useful to them they would be defending him tooth and claw. Understand why moral relativism and situational ethics and you understand the left. It is like Nancy Pelosi’s faux Catholicism, it’s only there to serve to advance her agenda and political ambitions

  8. Jeffery, matrixing is a common problem, you need to be aware of it when you listen to story tellers/lairs.

  9. “Snookered”? Tricked? No, Jeffie, you’re lying again. You knew all along that the creepy democrat porn lawyer was a con man with an ego bigger than Barky’s. But he was a useful creepy democrat porn lawyer so you played along. There’s nothing you can do now to save face because any halfway intelligent person knew what the story was, and because you really don’t have any face left to save.

  10. “… and it was like walking with a major, major celebrity …”

    Leg tingle?
    Drip a little?
    What a sycophantic lick-spittle (probably not spittle).

    There appears to be some commonality among these … uhh … things … people.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Toobin, like the rest of the liberal media wasn’t snookered. He was so eat up with TDS that he chose to turn off his common sense.

  12. I was wondering what a porn lawyer would do exactly? I guess that kind of answers it, lies, cheats, blackmail and generally screws people. Not sure if I see a lot of difference between him and a democrat in Congress or the Senate. Wondering how he’ll be received in prison, probably with open arms?


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