CO: Dem Trades Parties After Getting Expelled From State House

In a rush to rid themselves of the sexual harassment accusations against one of their own, Democrats in the Colorado State House of Representatives conducted a campaign that eventually led to the expulsion of party member Steve Lebsock Friday afternoon. A number of republicans threatened to vote against Lebsock’s removal until they received a letter from the embattled house member in his own defense that was retaliatory in nature against his accusers.

Just to complicate things, Lebsock has declared he’s changed his party affiliation to republican. Whether this was a move to get back at his former colleagues in the democrat party, reward republicans for a willingness to give him a fair hearing, or an attempt to poison the opposition party with his taint remains to be seen.  More





10 Comments on CO: Dem Trades Parties After Getting Expelled From State House

  1. CO, realizing that CA is almost done destroying itself, so they are racing to become the next shitthole.

  2. How does this make sense for him to declare himself a Republican? Don’t the party faithful have a say in the matter over who calls themselves Republican?

  3. what I want to know is who did the republicans trade for the sexual harasser, I hope it was a couple of rapists at least.

  4. There are Republicans in Colorado. But as Yellowstone is for the buffalo Boulder is for unwashed, maggot infested hippies who vote. It does not hurt that progtards from CA are moving in left and farther left.

    There is still a fight on the state level so as of now we are not going full retard like Mn or CA. If we get to that point my family will be moving.

  5. I’ve had a suspicion for quite some time that there are Democrats who are calling themselves Republicans. In an attempt to co-op the Republican Party in the same way that they co-opted the Bernie Sanders movement. The same way that the Republicans co-opted the tea party movement, deluding and weakening the ideology.

    Kind of like what Longshanks said in the movie Braveheart. “If we can’t get them out of Scotland, we will breed them out.”

  6. Pelopidas, greetings from the Rampart Range.

    Like you, my family is on “high” alert (sorry I couldn’t resist) in the event that this magnificent state slides even further left into the toilet of liberalism. While the communist/socialist/progressives continue to infest the Peoples Republic of Boulder, their rot has begun to appear further south. We’ll hate to leave, but I refuse to willing pay for all the stupid!


    A progressive liar called himself a “Republican” for years. As President the man put 2 well known Stalinists at the top of our centralized police force: Bob Mueller; James Comey. The name of this “Republican” was GWB. No the party faithful had no voice in the matter. The Ruling Class overruled us!

    I think you know who Bob and Jim are; right?


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