CO2/global warming shrinking men’s testicles

I don’t think this is such a nutty claim. (SWIDT?)

What I think, though, is that it is very triggering, misogynistic, sexist and hurtful.

What about women’s testicles?


From the correlation is not causationdepartment, and Mother Jones, comes this absurdity:

A new study from researchers in California has reached some astonishing new conclusions. An interdisciplinary team composed of members from physics, physiology, statistics, and atmospheric sciences began with results from a metastudy of sperm concentration in men.

This study (chart on left) confirmed that sperm concentrations have been declining since the early 70s. At the same time,measurements from the Mauna Loa Observatory show that CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising during the same period


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  1. “At the same time,measurements from the Mauna Loa Observatory show that CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising during the same period…”

    The nail in the coffin is… No one, anywhere, has been able to demonstrate that atmospheric CO2 levels are an indicator of exactly jack shit. They want it to, they want that so fuckin’ badly. But the evidence just isn’t there. The former head of the Australian Atmospheric Sciences Division put forth an argument, based on solid data, that the CO2 contribution to the current ‘global warming’ hu hu just didn’t add up when the light of objective scientific reasoning supported with solid data was applied lost his job. Science or politics. Pick one.

  2. Yes, anyone gullible enough to believe 97% of the climate change crap will be so frightened that everything shrinks: his balls shrink and along with his shriveled up wee-wee they disappear back inside.

  3. They should be happy. Smaller testicles means the global warming people can fit more of them in their mouths.

  4. As the authors put it, “Our global manhood is being steadily shriveled into effeminancy by our huge and rising emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.”

    Isn’t that the goal of the left? They should be embracing global warming!

  5. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ – Are you saying that when the ghetto rats burn down their own neighborhoods, we should send in relief trucks loaded not with bottled water but instead bottled soy milk? I can see how that might help in the long run…

  6. Concurrently, the brain matter of leftists has all but disappeared. Also attributable to greater CO2?
    Comedy died.
    Music sucks.
    Movies are unwatchable.
    Television has become insufferable.
    Women became scary zombies.

    Oh me poor shrunken balls.

  7. Shrinking testicles???

    I wish mine would shrink. I have to put a Sears catalog on my toilet seat to prevent my nut sack from being a toilet teabag.

  8. Nope. I have the answer. It’s the proximity to Muslims. Therefore, to protect all our men in the US, we need to deport every Muslim.

    No? Well, how about cell phones. Cell phones cause shrinking; not only of testicles, but boobs. Are ya there, yet?

    No? It’s the corn we are putting in our gasoline. Stop putting food in you car tanks, and watch the healing begin.

    No? It’s the soy.

  9. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ- “…it’s soy in everyone’s daily diet.”
    phytoestrogens, that’s what that is.

    We’re dealing with, what I call, ‘Newtonian fatalists.’
    I really wish they could teach that not only does the earth go around the sun, but our solar system is orbiting as well. As you are reading this, the earth is moving at 66,000 MPH about the sun, and the sun, along with our entire solar system, is moving at 483,000 MPH. The entire thing is in an orbit that takes 225 million years to complete.
    The galaxy that we are orbiting in is not uniform in composition, and together with solar variations, temperature variations are to be expected. It ain’t CO2, but that is easy to sell, and easier still when accompanied with lead, fluoride and soy induced stupidity.

  10. obama, Ryan, boehner, schumer, mcCONnell and Dickless Durbin must be snorting concentrated CO2…..not a testical between any of them.

  11. More CO2, more soy plant growth, more faggots and their fatal diseases, fewer children, more docile populations like tofu gobbling Chinee and soiboy retards.

  12. Said the venerable Dean of St. Paul’s,
    “Concerning them cracks in the walls:
    Do you think it would do
    If we filled ’em with glue?”
    The Bishop of Lincoln said, “Balls!”


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