Coach’s Wife Kisses Every Player As They Get Off The Bus

KFI: Different sports teams have different traditions. Whether it is wearing lucky socks, tapping a logo before taking the field, or chanting in a huddle, plenty of athletes regularly do something that might be considered strange.

However, a recent tweet about one tradition the Florida Gators have has a lot of people talking. The now-deleted tweet from a fan of a rival team reads, “[Head coach] Dan Mullen‘s wife Megan continues her tradition of kissing each #Gators player on the lips as they get off the bus. #GoDawgs#DawgsOnTop” and features a photo of Mullen kissing a player. While Mullen’s wife, Megan, does indeed greet every player with a kiss, it is not on the lips.

Even though the kisses are just on the cheek, there is still plenty of pushback over Megan Mullen’s actions. Megan has explained that she does it because she is like a surrogate mother to all the players on the team and the kisses are just her way of showing her love of them. However, lots of people on Twitter have taken issue with it and think it is inappropriate. READ MORE

SNIP: Take a look at the video at the link.

30 Comments on Coach’s Wife Kisses Every Player As They Get Off The Bus

  1. So, she kisses 60-80 college kids every week. I’m not sure I would have my wife do that. Maybe that’s just me.

  2. That’s, uh, very weird.

    You want to complain to the coach about his wife getting in your 19 year old personal space, putting her hands around your waist and kissing you on the lips?

    How anyone thought this was anywhere near appropriate is bizarre.

  3. OK, saw the video. She’s nuts. Go home and raise your family, your little girl does not need to be carried around while you are kissing every guy on the sidelines. At the age of these players the coach is supposed to be molding young men, not presenting their second mom to them.

  4. LC Dan -Do lips only require germ transfer, or is it me?? I guess you hug lots of people daily and do not get SICK.

  5. And it’s not just kissing on the lips. If you look at the video she appears to be working the whole sideline while carrying her little girl, kissing and hugging them all. What do you s’pose that is teaching her little girl? She is an idiot, and so is her husband. No doubt libs.

  6. What about nose to nose snuggles with both hands on your cheeks after patting your chest. Just like mama never did. Some of those cheek kisses are pretty close to the lips and she knows a camera is on her doing this story.

    Weird. Never heard of another school with this “tradition”. In all of college football history. She seems really, really affectionate with the black players.

    But they’re all adults and Coach Cuck seems cool with it. This would never fly with a male coach or coach’s husband getting all Bela Karolyi with the womens sports teams.

  7. Personally, I am a hugger to show affection, which just comes naturally, but not to everybody and only occasionally. But this woman does have a problem, a psychological one. This is a compulsive action which is not just natural affection. She is setting up herself and her daughter for unpleasant, if not actually dangerous results from this behavior. It is plain scary, especially with these black men (not boys) players and any other black males seeing this happen. Far too many black on white women attacks from males that do not have any impulse control and no moral constraints with basic savage motivations. Very bad to do this kissing and to make it so very public!

    ‘White Girls Bleed a Lot’
    By Thomas Sowell
    July 17, 2012

  8. This is how trains start to get pulled, marriages end, careers destroyed, and people who knew her act all suprised.

    Is a sports team, why doesn’t she just smack each one on the butt cheek?

  9. This dear lady sets the example of how we Republicans, in love, greet each and every Democrats elected to local and national office.

  10. So I hear Joe Biden is trying to get his wife to coach an all girls swim team.

    If a female coach’s husband did this it would be considered assault.

    Watched the video again and I have to say it’s a little Joe Biden creepy bordering on Bill Clinton creepy but not Epstein, who didn’t kill himself, creepy.

  11. Remember, it was a gators player that tumbled in the sheets with former FSU coach Jimbo Fisher’s wife and ended their long marriage. Something about those big, young black UF athletes seems to make coaches’ wives horny.

  12. It’s not on the lips. I think it’s cute how some of those guys were reduced to giggles. LOL.
    I could see doing this if they needed luck because they were on a losing streak, etc.
    But, although she seems like a nice lady, it’s a little much to do this every time.
    But hey, if the players said nothing to her or the coach, then, go ahead.

    The guys who didn’t have a mom around, or aren’t close with their moms, probably appreciate her.

  13. In a totally unrelated story, the entire Florida Gators team has come down with a raging case of herpies. Officials are baffled.


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