Coal is never going away



…Have I mentioned lately that Germany’s CO2 emissions are going back up, because they are burning more coal to replace the nuclear power they are shutting down? I guess wind and solar just don’t cut it, despite over $100 billion in subsidies over the last 15 years.  more

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  1. The only way to keep the nation safe is to root out the left and destroy it. We must take back education, the courts and the media.

  2. Germany burns mostly dirty brown coal, too. It’s about all they’ve got left. They import gobs of clean coal from us! Europe’s mother-in law Merkel can bluster and fume about PDT all she wants, but the cold, hard fact is that the US has Germany over a barrel and now has a deal artist to capitalize on it.

  3. Why don’t those Uropeons just deploy their vast supply of unicorn farts?

    Didn’t Chocolate Jesus show them the way, by ‘leading with his behind’??

  4. Speaking of subsidies, did you know about HCR89? Universal basic income for Hawaii residents. Because robots and automation said so.

  5. Cost of electricity per kilowatt hour:
    US 12 cents
    Germany 35 cents (30% more than in 2013)
    Denmark 41 cents.

    As Der Spiegel wrote in 2013, electricity is becoming a luxury good.

  6. @LocoBlancoSaltine; Yep, I read that. I’ll bet that the first headline out of Volvo headquarters in 2020 will be the reintroduction of an energy efficient all gas engine. That or bankruptcy proceedings. I gather that when Denmark, one of the scandinvian countries dropped the government subsidies on the Tesla sales dropped within a year by 94% (2015 – 2738, 2016 – 176, YTD 2017 – 6). Tesla has been a scam since day 1 and even in the US when the government subsidies come off the sales will collapse. It’s an extremely expense city car using some very dirty materials in it’s construction and even with subsidies is only for the well off.

  7. If the enviro weenies want to help the earth: They would stop using electricity, light and heat from candles. No wood for fires. Walk or ride a bicycle everywhere they go.

    BO’s leadership style: probing from the rear.

  8. The only thing going away now is the worlds bird populations thanks to those idiotic wind turbines.

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