Coast Guard Rescues Man Attempting ‘Ocean Bubble’ Journey

NBC Philadelphia: Reza Baluchi tried to make a similar journey in 2014 and had to be rescued.

hydropod rescue coast of florida again

A Florida man trying to reach Bermuda, Haiti, Cuba and Puerto Rico in a giant inflatable bubble was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard over the weekend.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Mark Barney said long-distance runner Reza Baluchi was picked up Sunday off Florida and his “hydropod” was being towed to shore. Baluchi agreed to be voluntarily rescued.


15 Comments on Coast Guard Rescues Man Attempting ‘Ocean Bubble’ Journey

  1. Oh, it’s doable all right. It all makes complete sense. All you have to do is ignore the inconvenient little fact that the wind blows over the ocean, and his Batshit Ball has a lot more wind-catching surface area above the water line than there is water-paddling surface area below it.

    This was not an epic failure to think.
    It was a COSMIC failure to think.

  2. I’m all for people who want to do this silly stuff. However, they should have to put up a very high bond which would go toward the rescue that is sure to be needed.

  3. So he’s “85%” mentally challenged. Sure glad he’s not “job locked.” Who has time to do all that shit?

  4. If the Coast Guard doesn’t need targets for shooting practice they should have referred this one to the Navy.

    Or to a bunch of rednecks with a big slingshot and sticks of dynamite.

  5. Reminds me of the guy who tried to paddle a kayak across the Pacific. his GPS race clearly shows he was basically just drifting with currents and winds until he was rescued by a passing ship. His paddling had no real effect.

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