Coexisting with Muslims Means Giving Up Your Dogs

I once did a job for a major children’s book publisher. They asked me to digitally remove dogs from dozens upon dozens of their books for their Muslim audience.

If I hadn’t already known Muslims were not compatible with American culture, this would have been a major clue.

Dogs Not Welcome: Growing Calls By Muslims To Accommodate Their Hatred Of Dogs

Red State

CTV of Vancouver reported that numerous flyers had been posted at a local park which read, “Many Muslims live in this area and dogs are considered filthy in Islam. Please keep your dogs on a leash and away from the Muslims who live in this community.”

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  1. “Many Westerners live in this area and moslems are considered filthy in good western countries. Please keep your moslaminals out of here and away from the decent people who live in this community.”

    Sounds better.

  2. Hate dogs?
    GTFO you filthy wife beating, ass wiping with your hands, religious hillbillies from the shittiest shitholes in the universe of shit.
    Dogs are not filthy, you are filthy.
    Now fuck off and die

  3. Many dogs live in this area and Muslims are considered filthy in a civilized society. Please keep your Muslims on a leash and away from dogs who live in this community. There, that wasn’t too hard to fix.😀

  4. “Coexisting with Muslims Means Giving Up Your…”

    …LIFE, ultimately, but they’re going to boil you like a frog rather than throw you off a building like a homosexual…

  5. Some years ago some poor schmo of a dentist who didn’t realize that America had turned into a lunatic asylum made a Facebook post about shooting a aging lion in Zimbabwe. Whereupon, the enlightened minds in the media and at Faceborg and Twatter deported him to some isolated outpost in the Goolag

    At the same time, a video surfaced about a systematic effort in Iran to kill off stray dogs by injecting acid directly into their veins. In the video a dog is treated in this manner, and within seconds the dog emitted a horrific shriek of pain — one of the worst sounds I have ever heard.

    Naturally, our animal-loving media was all over this horror. Remember how CNN gave wall to wall coverage for days on end? How Don Lemon demanded to know how many times this horror had been repeated. How Anderson Cunter queried, “How could our president have made a deal with such a barbaric regime?”

    Of course you do

  6. @Anon- muzzies don’t even co-exist with each other. When they don’t have “infidels” to murder they turn on each other and accuse each other of not be moslem enough so they have someone they can murder.

  7. Dogs and Bacon
    Don’t love ’em?
    Don’t belong here
    Callmelennie, I heard about this. It hardens my heart.
    I have no love for these cruel bastards

  8. @callmelennie – that is horrific. Like most here, I’ll take dogs over muslims any day. Dogs are loving, loyal, and only attack when mistreated. I hope the residents of this area don’t give in. Keep the dogs – get rid of the muslims.

  9. Little Rascals tell Petey to SICK EM!

    Cue up @19:50 if you cannot watch the whole thing…bad actions have bad

    Cannot wait to tell libs in the office. They will be like….”Noooo” where? And they still will not take it seriously.


  10. No, thank you.
    Don’t try to bring their there here.

    “Sistrunk was shot in the line of duty Sunday night along with Auburn Police Officer Evan Elliott and Officer William Buechner, who was fatally wounded.

    While in the hospital, Sistrunk had a special visitor Wednesday, his K-9 partner, Leon. Leon was with Sistrunk during the incident but was not injured.”

  11. My granny had a pooch just like petey. We would paint a ring around his eye. Mom has pictures of me and my sis tormenting the old boy he was a good pooch.

  12. That mentioned video of Muslims injecting dogs with acid is not revelatory of their animus towards dogs so much as their disdain for anything not of themselves.

    One site I regularly frequent is, just to stay informed. Last year they had a video of Muslims beating camels with sticks, not something I watched very long but indicative of their attitudes towards animals in general. Not real different from their attitudes towards women if you think about it, the natural progression leads them sadly to the belief that all non-Muslims should be killed. They are cancer and can not be assimilated into any thinking compassionate culture.

  13. Touching up images by simply removing people or objects can be quite tricky. Often it’s easier to replace what’s being removed with something else. Perhaps kafir sex slaves would work well in place of dogs for the books in question

  14. …when I was running Squad, a K9 LEO I knew ate his gun. That’s not as unusal as you might think, dealing with sucky people all day and being treated like shit by the Democrat “leaders” they work for gets to them, sometimes. This man lived alone with only his canine partner, and his only stated parting concern was that someone take care of his dog. He had the dog kenneled away from where he took his own life, but the dog was VERY upset, and yet STILL followed orders from another uniformed handler so they could remove him from his late master’s home.

    …the dog was pretty depressed after that, but I parted service and moved away before they tried to reassign him, so I don’t know how it turned out. Pretty sure he’s dead now, that was a long time ago.

    I did help train this animal, however, and it was AMAZING. By “helped train”, I mean “hid somewhere in the fire station on slow nights and tried not to breathe so the handler could have the dog find me”. It ALWAYS did. This dog could extract you, too, and could close it’s jaws firmly around your arm, not hurting, but also making it clear that resistance is futile. I didn’t do the gun training for it, though, as it was more dargerous, but watching that good boy tackle a fully-wrapped 280 lb. LEO was a sight to behold.

    Sweetest animal you EVER saw at National Nights Out, too. Wouldn’t even react when local urchins pulled his tail.

    …I’d take ONE of HIM over a THOUSAND Muzzies. Although Muzzies probably hate dogs because DOGS are better judges of character than DEMOCRATS, and would probably be VERY useful in both DETECTING them and DEALING with them…

  15. The dogs just seem to know evil.All my dogs over the years would alert.I trusted them in those situations.

  16. My son saw many upsetting things in Afghanistan, most of which he never talks about. His sister stayed in touch via internet while he was there, and said, it seems, the thing that infuriated him most while stationed in a half ANA half USA COP was coming back from patrol to discover someone had ordered all the stray dogs the Americans had adopted be killed.

    His solution is the same as mine, nuke ’em till they glow.

  17. Cruelty to animals is something that I can hardly bear seeing and will send me into a near homicidal rage if I witness it.
    I really wish that story of the Iranians killing dogs so horribly wasn’t posted, it has me pissed off.

  18. I don’t know about dogs, but my geese make little Mohammeds every day!

    Come to think of it, my son has a dog and she makes Mohammeds, too!
    (bigger than the geese’s but smaller than a full-size raghead)
    So – dogs don’t be hatin on ragheads! Whyfor does ragheads be hatin on dogs?

    izlamo delenda est …

  19. I have a mini Schnauzer, sweetest dog ever (don’t all dog owners say that?).
    He does the usual dog things, barks at everyone/everything on the other side of the back fence.
    But he DOES “serve and protect” by barking at the front door to alert us whenever anyone approaches. I’m sure he’s chased away at least one thief who’s tried to B&E our house in the dead of night.

  20. “Many Jews & Christians live in this area and Mohammedans are considered filthy in Judaism & Christianity. Please keep your Mohammedans on a leash and away from the Jews & Christians who live in this community.”

    There, I FIFY

  21. It can’t be that hard to coexist with mooslums. We can occupy the earth above ground and they can have everything at least six feet under!

  22. Molon Labe, because our family loves our 85 lb Biscuit the Ridiculous so much, even our 14 year old would not hesitate to put a bullet in a Muzzies forehead.

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