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  1. Can you freakin’ believe this? I’m mildly paying attention but this is CRAZY revealing information. They must really think we’re stupid not to connect the dots. Obviously they must feel super confident that their corruption connections being on display and obvious will net them NOTHING in the way of Republican pushback or investigations. And of course the Media will never expose this comfy rat’s nest.

  2. I did think this was all about the IG report, now with all this reporting coming out of Ukraine the past few days I don’t think that anymore. I think the little punks at the Ukraine embassy got the info that this new guy is the real deal and was going to ask the U.S. to abide by the treaty and all of those career service people, law firms especially those with ties to lawfare, the DNC, congresscritters, and their kids evil deeds and taxpayer money in their offshore bank accounts were going to be exposed.

    Now they can claim none of this is true, it’s just Ukraine lying to please the President so he keeps Russia from killing all of them.

  3. That’s a lot of audacity for Vindman and Hill to use Burisma’s law firm. I hope their over confidence in Schiff’s and the swamp’s power to coverup their corruption is enough rope to hang themselves. All of them.

  4. Did anybody else catch the accent on the Wonder Funder?

    No. Not the Brit Yank one.

    The one that spoke in a very stilted english enunciated pronounciation of phrases and whats nots. And Projected Expenses and Present Percentages and very wonder what was her ‘First’ language. It isn’t American, rather more Slavic or such.

    Laura Cooper
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia

    Born: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
    Education: Northwestern University (BA)
    Georgetown University (MS)
    National Defense University (MS)

    Preceded by: Evelyn Farkas

    BTW. Evelyn Farkas was whistling mika tunes at msNBC a long time ago.

    Listen closer.
    ► 158:40 House Impeachment Inquiry Hearing – Laura Cooper
    youtube 6cblWMEm_e4 12 hours ago – 159 min – Uploaded by C-SPAN

    The Slovenian language was excluded from the analysis, as both Ljubljana koine and Literary Slovenian show mixed lexical features of Southern and Western Slavic languages (which could possibly indicate the Western Slavic origin of Slovenian, which for a long time was being influenced on the part of the neighboring Serbo-Croatian dialects), and the quality Swadesh lists were not yet collected for Slovenian dialects or the so-called Old Novgordian dialect, the Polabian language and some other Slavic lects.


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