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Coinky Dinky Fron Preezy Stinky

Last Two Election Cycles, Unemployment Dropped Drastically Right Before Election, Rose Soon After

see graph HERE


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  1. The left owns the media. The media will write whatever they want to make the left look good. It’s a con game.

  2. I’ve been posting the REAL figures here, from SHADOWSTATS, for YEARS…

  3. Well, I guess the answer to unemployment is obvious. Just keep having elections!

  4. Who can doubt the word of our righteous President Barack Hussein Obama? Every word and statistic released by our honorable government is founded in truth and righteousness.

  5. Barack Hussein Eboli…mmm…mmm…mmm

  6. I asked my dad, once, why the Jews were vilified by different governments throughout history … and he answered: “cuz it always works.”

    Same-O, Same-O, with the employment lies by socialist bureaucracy.

  7. Man, does anyone believe the fake number any more?

    Or are they bundling the “not in workforce” epidemic numbers along with the fake number now?

    I don’t know, don’t watch lib news.

  8. I hear Homeland Scrutiny is hiring for upcoming Ebola Quarantine duty at home and abroad…..

  9. Google “John Crudele.” He’s a financial columnist for the New York Post, and he’s been ragging on the Bureau of Labor Statistics for years about the unemployment numbers they release.

  10. WHISLTEBLOWERS…it’s time to moisten those lips!

  11. Also, Don’t forget, gasoline prices at the pumps have been dropping quite a bit. Should be under $3.00 a gallon by election day.

    That’s another thing that is typical year-by-year leading up to election time.

    As the white house dances on the latest unemployment numbers, housing starts were really down, house values are once again dropping since demand is dropping. People’s income hasn’t gone up in 3+ years, yet we have to pay those higher costs regardless.

    Oh well … as the white house gloats, they wont indicate that one major piece of news. Any or most of those job gains will be gone by Feb, who’s going to be gloating at that time??

  12. George Bush Sr. lost to Bubba, not because of “read my lips”, but because a corrupt Bureau of Labor Statistics falsified the economic figures for 9 months preceding the election to suppress the knowledge that the recession ended in the 1st quarter of that year. Only days after the election, they corrected their figures. That was Bubba’s economic miracle.

    My support for Republicans began to erode then, because Bush did not clean house. Republicans are too nice. They seem much more comfortable in the role of “Loyal Opposition”.

  13. Goebbels and Bernaise would be tickled with this WH’s propaganda machine. Lies, all lies.

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