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Coked up clown arrested for sleeping in stranger’s bedroom


MARLBORO, Vermont – Troopers with Vermont State Police arrested a man dressed as a clown found sleeping in a stranger’s bedroom.

Police were called to a home on Higley Hill Road on Saturday around 3:30 a.m. when a teenager found an unknown man sleeping in an upstairs bedroom.

Police found Sean J. Barber, 43, in the home. They say he was intoxicated and had cocaine.

He was arrested and charged with unlawful trespass and possession of cocaine. He was held at the Southern State Correctional Facility until he was sober. His court appearance is scheduled for December 5.

8 Comments on Coked up clown arrested for sleeping in stranger’s bedroom

  1. “…arrested a man dressed as a clown found sleeping in a stranger’s bedroom.”

    If you have a “starnger’s bedroom” in your house, whom do you expect to find sleeping in it?

  2. well congratulations Deputy Barney, looks like you finally captured Howdy Doody.

  3. After he was arrested, the room still smelled funny….

  4. The Eight Clown Commandments

    1. I will keep my acts, performance and behavior in good taste while I am in costume and makeup. I will remember at all times that I have been accepted as a member of the clown club only to provide others, principally children, with clean clown comedy entertainment. I will remember that a good clown entertains others by making fun of himself or herself and not at the expense or embarrassment of others.

    2. I will learn to apply my makeup in a professional manner. I will provide my own costume. I will carry out my appearance and assignment for the entertainment of others and not for personal gain or personal publicity when performing for either the International club or alley events. I will always try to remain anonymous while in makeup and costume as a clown, though there may be circumstances when it is not reasonably possible to do so.

    3. I will neither drink alcoholic beverages nor smoke while in makeup or clown costume. Also, I will not drink alcoholic beverages prior to any clown appearances. I will conduct myself as a gentleman/lady, never interfering with other acts, events, spectators, or individuals. I will not become involved in or tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or any protected status.

    4. I will remove my makeup and change into my street clothes as soon as possible following my appearance, so that I cannot be associated with any incident that may be detrimental to the good name of clowning. I will conduct myself as a gentleman/lady at all times.

    5. While on appearance in makeup and costume, I will carry out the directives of the producer or his designated deputies. I will abide by all performance rules without complaint in public.

    6. I will do my very best to maintain the best clown standards of makeup, costuming, properties, and comedy.

    7. I will appear in as many clown shows as I possibly can.

    8. I will be committed to providing an atmosphere free of discrimination and harassment for clowns of all ages to share ideas and learn about the art of clowning.

  5. You can marry a toaster in Vermont, but you can’t have a coked up clown?

  6. That’s not coke, it’s BEEF! Just a clown enjoying a big plate of white, powdery BEEF!

  7. I guess after his retirement from acting, Daniel Day Lewis has gone into the rubber nose business.

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