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Cold Weather And Electric Cars Don’t Mix


Cold temperatures can sap electric car batteries, temporarily reducing their range by more than 40 percent when interior heaters are used, a new study found.

The study of five electric vehicles by AAA also found that high temperatures can cut into battery range, but not nearly as much as the cold. The range returns to normal in more comfortable temperatures. More

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  1. The reason my cordless power tools get hauled into my house at the end of the day.

  2. I’m all for alternative methods of energy transportation etc. I just want to use it when it has been perfected. I don’t want to pay a high price for inferior product

  3. By the way, Ohio Dan is chilling in Maui right now.

  4. I heartily support Liberals buying-up electric cars in all of our northern states. Next up: the biggest solar minimum since the ‘Little Ice Age’ (and another ‘Little Ice Age’).

  5. And once they shut down all the Fossil Fuel and Nuke powered electrical plants, getting these bricks charged should be even more of an adventure.

  6. This is why I buy the expensive lithium AA batteries for outdoor things like motion detectors and weather station. They work in the cold!

    Meanwhile, at Harvard, the next batch of brightness is born.

  7. A progressive coworker living up in the mountains of Boulder leased a Nissan Leaf and had to turn off his heat and windshield wipers etc just to make it home from work in the winter and sometimes he had to stop off and charge for a few hours before making it up to Ned. After his lease was up he traded in for a Dodge pickup and felt the need to sheepishly explain all his reasons for the need to go back to a reliable safe snow vehicle. As if I’m the one judging his choices.

  8. Not only does cold reduce their capacity, but draining them way down and then charging them when they are cold also reduces a battery cell’s life, meaning you will have to buy new batteries sooner.

  9. Electrics today still suffer the same problem that the Baker did over a hundred years ago.

    The batteries.

    If it weren’t for batteries they would be superior vehicles, they already dominate our golf courses, even with the shortcomings of battery power.

  10. Anyone: how about running the AC in the summer? Same problems?

  11. In the summer, srdem65, they randomly catch on fire.

  12. @old_oaks – don’t know if you’re aware but the electric cars have lithium batteries as do my cordless tools. Though they fare better than the old school batteries they still are severly impacted by the cold and the heat to a lesser extent.

  13. My plug-in hybrid same thing. When the temps are sub 40F, I lose about 30% in battery power. I don’t lose much when the temps are above 90F, but batteries don’t like heat so charging in the sun will certainly cause you to lose capacity over the haul.

    But since I have a 14 gallon gas tank, not to worried on those days the cold WX sets in. Again for those hat haven’t seen me post it, when a lib asks if I got the car for the environment, I tell em screw the environment, I got it to save gas money commuting back and forth to work. Plus I can take the high ground when a lib fusses about global warming when they are driving an SUV or a low mph vehicle. Great fun!

  14. Obviously there is becoming a demand for the big block engine again as Ford is bringing it back, a 7.3L gas engine. So maybe the madness with all these electric cars is going away.

    I’ve never owned an electric or hybrid vehicle and thankfully I’m old enough that they probably won’t have time to demand we all drive them before I’m dead, so I will never own one.

  15. Give me internal combustion every day. Only a dumbass buys hybrids thinking it’s going to save them money. My idiot brother bought a electric car to save the planet. Now he gripes about his power bill.

  16. Did I tell Ya as a former telecom
    field engineer I HATE FRICKIN’ BATTERIES !!!
    And yes heat and cold are the mortal enemies
    of all batteries.BTW= PSA= That ain’t your
    daddies old 12 volt battery in that there electric
    car of your’s.It packs 330 volts D.C. Light your
    dam ass up Bro! but only once…

  17. Anonymous
    FEBRUARY 9, 2019 AT 4:03 PM
    “If it weren’t for batteries they would be superior vehicles, they already dominate our golf courses, even with the shortcomings of battery power.”

    It’s just a tad inconvenient staying in your lane on I-95 sandwiched between 2 eighteen wheelers blowing by at 80 mph. Other than that, you might be onto something

  18. if you charge or discharge lithium at freezing. you now have a paperweight.

    takes a lot of software managment AND built in heaters to make it work.

    and lots of points to fail. and now your car is a paperweight.

  19. DF Tim, You are correct. However a NiCAD or whatever the regular store sells quit at like 25°. The “I’m here and gay as fuckboi” shitcars run lithium, but it’s the range of the dildo in the ass that pisses the cuckwads off.

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