Colin Flaherty has passed

American Thinker:

Colin Flaherty, RIP

By Thomas Lifson

We are deeply saddened to report that Colin Flaherty has passed away too early, at the age of 66, of cancer.

Colin was a fearless crusader, taking up one of the most taboo stories in modern America: the rising tide of Black violence directed against other races, egged on by racial grievance-mongers.  This was long before BLM. 

This work made him unpopular, to say the least, in the corporate media, but that didn’t stop Colin, who documented his work meticulously. more here

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  1. I was aware of his work and stumbled upon several of his videos over the past few years. He did what few have the courage to do. He chronicled what we all know to be true, but what we dare not speak of in certain company.


  2. Black on white crime is the truth. White on black crime is nearly non-existent. Facts suck for the crowd that needs to feel accepted by the virtue-signaling elitists. The FBI is not on my side, but even their stats are staggeringly one-sided.

  3. The left has weaponized black people and blacks don’t even realize it. When the left is through with them, they will put them on the curb like bags of trash.

  4. White people if you’re out numbered at an event by black people slip away or you might get your ass kicked. Remember Reginald Denny.


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